Vinyl Arbors

Vinyl Arbors free you from all maintenance with beautiful construction and guarantees not to yellow or fade. Vinyl Arbors offer more time to relax and enjoy your garden and life. Our arbors are constructed of high grade PVC Vinyl that carries a 20 year warranty. UV stabilizers protect the vinyl from harmful ultraviolet rays, so the arbors will not fade over time. Vinyl arbors not only lend an aesthetic appeal to your garden or yard, but they provide the romantic backdrop for an outdoor wedding or beach wedding. Exchange vows under one of our beautiful arbors on your wedding day, and then place your wedding arbor in your garden to serve as a lasting reminder of your special day.

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Elmwood Vinyl Arbor in Mocha
Elmwood Vinyl Garden Arbor
From $214.99
Garden arbors create focal points in your garden and come with a 20 year warranty
Vinyl Arbor
Rosebud Vinyl Garden Arbor
From $181.99
Ideal garden arbor featuring trellis panels that are great for climbing roses or vines
Wellington Arbor in Mocha
Wellington Vinyl Garden Arbor
From $296.99
Create an exceptional style to your flower garden with this Vinyl garden arbor
Grapevine Arbor
Grapevine Vinyl Garden Arbor
From $181.99
Garden arbors add flare to your garden with side trellis for climbing vines
Providence Arbor in White
Providence Vinyl Garden Arbor
From $248.99
Add a vinyl arbor to your garden and allow your plants or vines room to thrive
Camelot Arbor in Mocha
Camelot Vinyl Garden Arbor
From $302.99
Camelot Vinyl Arbor is UV protected from fading and makes an eye-catching wedding arbor
Cottage Arbor in Mocha
Cottage Vinyl Garden Arbor
From $289.99
Endearing vinyl arbor can be used on beach as a wedding arbor
Somerset Arbor
Somerset Vinyl Arbor
With lattice sides and arched design, this is a favorite in garden arbors
Westhaven arbor
Westhaven Vinyl Garden Arbor
Westhaven arbor will provide a grand entrance to your garden
Vienna Arbor
Vienna Vinyl Arbor
This classic design can be used as a garden arbor, wedding arbor or to enhance your home
dublin arbor
Dublin Vinyl Garden Arbor
Dublin Arbor will provide a stylish entrance to your garden
london arbor
London Vinyl Garden Arbor
London Arbor provides an attractive entrance to your garden
livingston arbor
Livingston Vinyl Garden Arbor
Livingston Arbor will give your garden a classic look
Westchester Arbor
Westchester Vinyl Arbor
Durable and wide arbor with side trellis for climbing plants
Dura Trel Windsor Arbor
Windsor Vinyl Arbor
Windsor Vinyl Arbor can be paired with the winford gate for an well designed entry way
Carolina Vinyl Arbor
Carolina Vinyl Garden Arbor
A stately design made of vinyl and recycled wood pulp, the cedar Carolina arbor offers distinction to any sidewalk
Newport Arbor
Newport Vinyl Garden Arbor
Create a picturesque entrance to your home by adding a vinyl arbor to your picket fencing
Fairfield Grande Deluxe Arbor
Fairfield Grande Deluxe Vinyl Arbor
Stylish and distinctive arbor has trim and post moulding also makes it a wedding arbor
Fairfield Grande Arbor
Fairfield Grande Vinyl Arbor
Idyllic wedding arbor makes a great backdrop with its classic detailing
Farfield Deluxe Garden Arbor
Fairfield Deluxe Vinyl Arbor
Top seller of our garden arbors, this prestigious vinyl arbor has a 20 year warranty
Athens Arbor
Athens Vinyl Arbor
Simple in design, this vinyl arbor adds charm to your entranceway or garden
Courtyard Arbor
Courtyard Vinyl Arbor
Adorable Courtyard Vinyl Arbor is perfect for your pathway
Fairfield Arbor
Fairfield II Vinyl Arbor
Garden arbor that pairs well with the cottage gate
Nantucket Legacy Arbor
Nantucket Legacy Vinyl Arbor
Add interest to your yard with the Nantucket legacy garden arbor
Newport Arbor
Newport Deluxe Vinyl Garden Arbor
Stunning vinyl arbor is deluxe with elegant molded trim included
Nantucket Deluxe Arbor
Nantucket Deluxe Vinyl Arbor
Deluxe vinyl garden arbor to add curb appeal to any location
Florence Arbor
Florence Vinyl Arbor
Classic stylish beauty is the only way to describe this vinyl garden arbor
Monaco Arbor
Monaco Vinyl Arbor
This garden arbor offers a more modern design for any area in your yard