Create a Backyard Cafe with Bistro Lights!

So, what are Bistro lights? If you envisioned a French Cafe, you're close! Simply put, bistro lights or cafe lights are decorative string lights used in a way that enhances an outdoor space. Bistro lights are often used as wedding lights for receptions and night time events, however, patio dining and gathering areas are also popular spots for this fun type of lighting!

The best part about hanging bistro lights in patio dining areas is the amazing selection of colors and styles available, allowing you to really let your individuality shine through! (No pun intended!) Plus, if your mood changes or you have a special event to plan for, you can always change out the bulbs to keep things interesting! Just be sure to match your bulb and string size to ensure a perfect fit every time. We've compiled a few DIY bistro lights ideas below to spark your creativity and put you on the path to the outdoor dining area of your dreams!

Backyard Bistro String Lights
Backyard Bistro Lights
Create a Cozy Backyard Cafe

Create a space similar to the style of a French cafe by hanging patio lights in a basic zig zag pattern back and forth across your space. Hanging patio lights in this way works well across narrow areas and adds a personal touch to your outdoor design without all the fuss! Add a bistro table and chairs, plus a few potted plants to complete your cozy atmosphere. If your space does not have an easy way to hang lights from above, hang string lights along a fence for an equally cozy result!

Love the patterned look? Find more great ideas on our Hanging Patio String Lights: A Pattern of Perfection page.

Patio Lights Patterns
Patio Lights Patterns

Want to make sure you get the right bulb or light string size to match what you already have or not sure how to hang your patio dining area lights?

Take a look at our helpful guide on how to hang patio lights!

Hang Decorative Bistro Lights for a Modern Cafe Design

For the outdoor entertaining enthusiast who loves modern designs, mixing colors and textures can be a fun way to add lighting and personality to your patio dining experience! Try hanging Chinese lanterns from your outdoor light strings or hang vintage style lighting and experiment with colorful bulbs to create an entirely new look that is uniquely you!

Dine Under a Canopy of Lights

Whether you're thinking of ideas for your wedding lights or just want to add whimsy to your backyard bistro, creating a canopy of lights is a breathtaking way to enjoy your outdoor space. Depending on the layout of your landscape you can arrange light strings so they swoop down from one center point or connect strings across a space from one point to another, such as a tree to a building or between two poles. Pick the light canopy design that best suits your space and fall in love with the mesmerizing glow above you!

Now that you have bistro lighting inspiration, it's time to find the ideal lights for your outdoor dining design! Take a look at our selection of patio lights, we're certain you'll find the perfect complement to your unique style! Have questions or want more ideas? We'd love to help!