Bluebird Houses

White Bluebird Manor
Bluebird Manor House
From $68.99

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Stone washed cypress bird house makes bluebirds happy nesters
Rapunzel White Birdhouse
Rapunzel Bird House

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Beautiful storybook decorative birdhouse will add charm to your backyard
Octavian Birdhouse
Oct-Avian Bird House
From $229.99

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Compartments allow plenty of room in this eight sided bird house
Cockoo Cottage Bird House
Cockoo Cottage Bird House
Cottage birdhouse with unique design inspired by a cuckoo clock
painted decorative bird house
S.S. Birdsong Bird House
S.S. Birdsong Pink Bird House
Mahogany Chateau
Mahogany Chateau

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Place this stately bluebird house in your yard and watch as bluebirds flock to nest
White Plymouth Church Wooden Bird House
White Plymouth Church Wooden Bird House

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Decorative birdhouse designed after Plymouth church
Heartwood Country Wildwood Church Birdhouse
Country Wildwood Church

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Detail abounds in this County Church bird house from cedar shingles to copper steeple
Songbird Birdhouse
Copper Songbird Hanging Bird House

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Solid copper roof song bird house with hanging loop available in different finishes
Rusty Rooster Birdhouse
Rusty Rooster Bird House
This Redwood Rusty Rooster painted decorative bird house is not just for the farm
old world copper songbird suite bird house
Old World Songbird Suite Bird House
Stately songbird suite bird house with copper roof
Vintage Gatehouse Rustic Wooden Bird House
Vintage Gatehouse Rustic Wooden Bird House
Cute gatehouse birdhouse brings vintage design to your yard
Ivy House Birdhouse
Ivy Copper Top Bird House
Quality is not spared in this spectacular hand oiled mahogany bird house
white copper top songbird suite bird house
White Copper Songbird Suite Bird House
Elegant white birdhouse with a copper roof is the prefect place for birds to live
Peeper Keeper Rustic Blue Birdhouse
Peeper Keeper Bird House
Happy campers will love to nest in this keyhole design bird house with pine shingle roof
Redwood Bluebird Bunkhouse Birdhouse
Bluebird Bunkhouse Hanging Bird House
Perfect for bluebirds with a front opening for easy clean out and a slanted pine shingle roof
Heartwood Western Bluebird Joy Box
Western Bluebird Joy Box
Easy to maintain bluebird house will have them singing with joy
Looker Sparrow Resistant Birdhouse
Sparrow-Resistant Bluebird House
Shallow slot design blue bird house will deter sparrows from nesting here
Songbird Suite Birdhouse
Songbird Suite Bird House
Stately songbird suite bird house will attract many types of birds
Bird house
Small Winter Roost
Simply designed winter birdhouse has internal perches to accommodate 6 or more birds
white copper top rusty rooster birdhouse
White Copper Rusty Rooster Bird House
White birdhouse with a copper roof will attract many species of birds to your yard
redwood rusty rooster copper top birdhouse
Redwood Rusty Rooster Bird House
Birds will love to bunk in this red wooden bird house with a galvanized roof
Bird house
Open-Top Bluebird House
Circular on top can double as a feeder on this open top bluebird house
Olde Tyme Chapel Birdhouse
Olde Tyme Chapel Bird House
Grace and Elegance can be used to describe this quality constructed cypress bird house
Coveside Conservation Bluebird Box
Mountain Bluebird House
Bluebirds prefer a more open habitat and will feel right at home in this bird house
Bird house
Horizontal Bluebird House
Built to simulate a hollow tree branch, this bluebird house is sure to become a favorite
Bird house
Hanging Carolina Wren House
Hanging Carolina Wren bird house with a slate predator guard keeps your birds safe
Heartwood French Villa Birdhouse
French Villa Bird House
Pice de rsistance, this French Villa Decorative bird house will last a lifetime
Coveside Conservation Bluebird Box
Eastern Bluebird House
Handcrafted of eastern white pine, this bluebird house has a predator guard
Bird house
Backyard Wooden Birdhouse
This is the ideal choice of simple birdhouse that will attract a variety of birds
shady shed green
Shady Shed Bird House
Out Of Stock
Charming rustic bird house with a cooper verdigris roof
White Danbury DoveCote 6 Room Bird House
Out Of Stock
Fully functional six room DoveCote is perfect for pigeons and doves with removable base for cleaning
Looker View Thru Birdhouse
View Thru Bluebird House
Out Of Stock
This clever birdhouse design lets you open the side to view the nest
Looker Slot Bluebird House
Slot Bluebird House
Out Of Stock
This slotted bluebird house will discourage sparrows from nesting here
Bird house
Slant Front Bluebird House
Out Of Stock
Rustic slant front design is a great way to encourage bluebirds to nest in this birdhouse
Heartwood Red Rock City Birdhouse
Rock City Bird House
Out Of Stock
Classically styled decorative birdhouse straight from the hills of Tennessee
Looker Green Roof Birdhouse
Green Roof Bluebird House
Out Of Stock
Adorable roof on this cedar bird house will keep your bluebirds happy
Lord of the Wing Redwood Hobbit Styled Bird House
Lord of the Wing Redwood Hobbit Styled Bird House
Out Of Stock
Lord of the Wing birdhouse with unique design based on Lord of the Rings mythology