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Rope Light Ideas for DIY Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting ideas using rope light. Flexible tube lighting blends seamlessly with natural settings to create beautifully illuminated walkways, pathways, contours, and more.

5 Fun Backyard Lighting Ideas for Summer

5 Fun Backyard Lighting Ideas for Summer

Spoiler Alert! DIY Curtain Lights are Easier Than You Think!

A step by step guide on how to make your own DIY Curtain lights! Use already made string lights, or be adventurous and create customized light strings suited to your style and space! The end result is a gorgeous wall of cascading light!

LED Rope Light Shines In These Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas!

Outdoor deck lighting ideas using LED rope light. We'll show you 2 easy ways to install LED rope light for the perfect deck railing lights.

How To Hang Patio Lights

A do it yourself guide on how to hang patio lights! Pick the perfect patio light bulbs, stringer and lighting style for your space!

Attracting Birds to Your Feeder

A few useful tips on attracting birds to your backyard! Read how to attract birds with flowers, water and shelter

Hummingbird Feeder Tips

Attract hummingbirds to feeders. Use hummingbird flowers and sugar water to attract hummers, find nectar recipe, feeders, and more

Bird House Designs

Birdhouse designs at YardEnvy include decorative, painted, and wooden. Find the most popular styles in bird house designs

Bluebird Facts

Bluebird facts and information to create a safe bluebird habitat. Mount Bluebird houses on posts and trees.

Creating a Bird Garden

Creating a Bird Garden using water, leaves, bird houses and feeders. Make the backyard a safe wild bird habitat.