Outdoor Party Lights

Let's Get This Party Started!

If you love bright pops of color, whimsical decorations (think pink flamingos), and would prefer to sip your poolside beverage out of a crazy straw, then these outdoor party lights are perfect for you! Decorative string lights are way more than just bulbs on a string, these outdoor party lights practically shout "the fun is here!" Try one of our decorating ideas below and see just how much fun you can have in your outdoor living space this summer!

  1. Pink flamingo, pineapple and palm tree string lights are a must have at any backyard pool party. Try hanging these festive decorative lights from patio railings or even in your camper; they're a guaranteed conversation starter!

  2. Got that fiesta feeling? Turn up the heat with chili pepper lights! The kitchen and outdoor bar are a few favorite places for displaying these spicy decorations.

  3. Patio light strings with cafe shades are an elegant option for infusing unique style into your outdoor party space. Cafe party lights are the perfect combination of sophisticated and fun, ideal for setting a relaxing mood during your next dinner party under the stars!

Your Outdoor Oasis Awaits

Lighted Palm Trees & Garden Decor

Imagine, your own private tropical oasis just a few feet away from your door! You can make this dream a reality with lighted palm trees - they're incredibly relaxing, look amazing day or night, and are so much fun to have around!

Commercial grade palm trees are built to last outdoors and feature life-like fronds that sway in the wind, a perfect complement to your poolside retreat. Each frond is lined with vivid green LED lights, so at night your party can really come alive! Pair palm trees with patio lights and other lit garden decor to set a truly serene scene in any outdoor space.

Hang Out in Style With Lighted Decorations

Add a little something extra to your outdoor spaces with lit hanging decorations! Maybe you already have patio lights across the deck, but the backyard feels dark or maybe you just want something a little different. Hanging decorations that also double as outdoor lighting are perfect for all kinds of settings and work in any size space, making them a great addition or alternative to patio lights! The most popular places to hang lighted decorations are from tree branches, inside outdoor structures like arbors, gazebos and covered decks, and from wires stretched across the backyard. In addition to these popular options, we've placed a few fun alternatives for using hanging decor below!

Light Balls - These bright glowing orbs of light are a beautiful addition to backyard or outdoor events on their own, but they look even more amazing when accents are added to their frames! The open framework & folding design of light balls, allows you to fill them with all kinds of decorations, our favorite is silk flowers! To find out more about transforming light balls into an eye catching outdoor centerpiece, visit our blog post for step by step instructions on how to make a flower light ball.

Star Lights - Hang star lights at different heights from tree branches or above an outdoor dining area to create a unique chandelier. You can mix and match star light styles and colors to make a celestial display custom tailored to your individual style. Some moravian stars even have removable spires so you can select a few different colors and then mix the spires to create fun combinations!

Starburst Lighted Branches - There is so much you can do with starburst lighted branches! They're flexible, shapeable, and full of creative potential. You can hang them from tree branches as is and they will look beautiful, or create an amazing DIY chandelier decoration with these flexible lights!

Patriotic Lights & Decor

A Summer Party Staple

With the heat of the summer sun comes a whole bunch of opportunities for outdoor fun! From Memorial Day to July Fourth, birthday parties and gatherings with friends, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Many of these celebrations may even extend into the evening, which means outdoor party lighting is a must! Red, white and blue lights are a fun addition to outdoor parties and perfect for summer holidays. Patriotic lights can easily be displayed year round too! Hang red, white and blue string lights across the backyard or patio, drape matching icicle lights along a fence and hang coordinating light balls or star lights from tree branches. With so many patriotic lighting possibilities, fireworks won't be the only thing sparkling in the night sky this summer!