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Hang patio lights and watch as your outdoor areas are transformed into your own private escape! The wide range of outdoor string light options available can seem overwhelming at first, so we suggest you start by envisioning your space and the atmosphere you want to create. If you're looking for a classic lighting option that's exceptionally versatile, globe lights might be the choice for you! Or, if you want to create a backyard bistro or party area, vintage style edison string lights may fit your vision best!

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Patio Lighting Ideas and String Lights Designs to Transform Your Outdoor Living Spaces!

Outdoor Spaces for Patio & String Lights

There is no right or wrong way to decorate with patio lights, especially when you're creating your own personal oasis! However, if you just aren't sure where to hang your lights or what types of lights to use, we have a few ideas for you.

Patios- (of course!) - it's only natural that the patio, if you have one, would be a perfect place for patio lights. That being said, sometimes patios don't always have a lot of hanging options. If your patio is limited in places to hang your lights, consider making your own light poles to stake in the ground or cement in planters with hooks attached on the ends. Take a look at our how to hang patio lights page for even more ideas!

Decks- The deck provides an exciting opportunity for decorating with patio lights and outdoor string lights too! If your deck is covered, globe lights look incredible when hung around the perimeter of the ceiling or across the beams underneath to light the lower level. You can wrap deck railings with LED mini lights, hang icicle lights down the staircase, or even create a wall of light with curtain lights hanging across a covered portion! If these ideas have piqued your interest, head on over to our deck lighting ideas page for a complete how-to on all of the ideas we mentioned as well as a few other options for illuminating your deck with patio lights!

Fenclines- The fence is a perfect place to showcase your globe lights or icicle light strings during an outdoor party!

Pathways, Walkways and Retaining Walls- Illuminate your walkways and outline your yard any time of year with pathway light kits which include C7 or C9 light strings and stakes. You can also use rope light or hang icicle lights and patio lights on shepherds hooks along a walkway or retaining wall to enhance your landscape in a unique way.

Gazebo or Pergola- Hang patio lights from the ceiling, wrap columns and create a shimmering backdrop with floor to ceiling light strings! You can also outline the edge of your pergola or gazebo with any lighting type - we think globe lights look best!

Archways- Illuminating archways with string lights is a very popular wedding decoration idea, however there's no reason you can't brighten your backyard or secret garden with this design concept!

Picture Perfect

Outdoor Party Lights

String lights are the essential outdoor party light, and for good reason! No other lighting can give you the versatility of color and design as is found in string lights. Patio string lights, icicle lights and mini lights are all popular outdoor party lighting options with numerous applications. We've highlighted a few of our favorite party and event lighting ideas below for you to try!

  • Wrap mini string lights around an umbrella pole or trees in your backyard.
  • Hang globe string lights across a backyard deck or bar area.
  • Hang patio lights across open areas by attaching them to trees, opposite sides of a fence, the home's exterior walls, or freestanding poles.
  • Alternate red, white and blue patriotic lights along a fence or deck railings during a Fourth of July backyard BBQ.
  • If your wedding reception takes place in a barn, outdoor tent, or other structure, hang icicle lights from the ceiling and add in a few strings of twinkling lights to create the effect of stars shimmering in the night sky.
  • Hang globe lights or icicle lights across a wooden fence to outline your yard and create an illuminated backdrop for dinner parties and events.
Chili Pepper String Lights as Outdoor Party Lighting!

Stylish Accents

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Although an outdoor oasis can easily be completed by just hanging a string or two of patio lights, you may find yourself wanting more. If so, there are several decorative lighting accents you can add to your outdoor spaces to complement your patio lights. Set the scene for a backyard BBQ, pool party or luau themed gathering with a lighted palm tree and flamingos staked in the yard. If you're hanging multicolored bulbs, chili pepper lights make a statement when wrapped around columns and railings or hanging in bunches behind the bar. Planning something more formal or hosting a backyard dinner party? Hang starlight spheres and moravian stars from tree branches to create floating galaxies of light overhead.