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The Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Backyard Bliss

The weather just started getting warmer and you've created an amazing outdoor space with all the essentials for relaxing. There's a cozy place to lounge, excellent shade, and a nice breeze...ah, perfection! But when the sun goes down, that solo light bulb outside the porch or patio door is either way too bright or incredibly dim, and completely ruins the chill mood you set out to create.

Enter outdoor string light bulbs: the magic ingredient that's missing in your otherwise utopic outdoor oasis!

Classic Outdoor Decor: Globe Light Bulbs

Outdoor light bulbs come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but the most iconic and popular is the globe light bulb. If you're overwhelmed by options, globe patio lights bulbs are a beautiful addition to every outdoor space. You can hang them across an alfresco seating area, from fence posts, and along porch railings and the result will be welcoming lighting that adds a festive atmosphere to your outdoor living areas.

Globe Light Bulb Size Recommendations

While shopping around for outdoor bulbs, you'll notice that globe bulbs are denoted by the letter G followed by a number: G30, G50, G95, and so on. The number following the G refers to the diameter of the bulb in millimeters. So, a G30 bulb is 30mm around, a G50 is 50mm around... you get the idea! The larger the number, the bigger the bulb. For smaller patios and outdoor areas, we recommend G30 & G40 globe light bulbs spaced 6-12" apart. If you're lighting a large outdoor event or dining space, larger G50, G95, & G125 bulbs spaced 12-24" apart are best.

Fairy Globe Outdoor Light Bulbs
Fairy Globe Outdoor Light Bulbs

Edison Style FlexFilament® LED Outdoor Bulbs

The term "Edison Bulb" refers to any light bulb that has a visible light source. In the past, only incandescent bulbs had a visible filament that would glow inside the bulb. However, there are now outdoor string light bulbs available that feature a gorgeous Edison style visible filament design while providing the energy saving, long lasting benefits of LED technology. FlexFilament LED Outdoor Light Bulbs are stunning to look at and even have shatterproof lens options to eliminate the worry of glass bulbs breaking in your outdoor living space. Choose from transparent, satin, and antiqued finishes to complement any outdoor setting.

C7 & C9 Outdoor Light Bulbs

C7 & C9 light bulbs are typically associated with Christmas lights and are routinely seen displayed right side up on roofs and in pathway lighting. However, these same bulbs can be turned upside down and hung across outdoor patios and event spaces to create a cozy atmosphere year round.

Opticore® LED Outdoor Light Bulbs

Commercial grade Opticore LED outdoor light bulbs are incredibly durable for holiday decorating and can even be used as patio or landscape lighting. In fact, their polycarbonate lenses are 200 times stronger than glass which means these bulbs are built to last in all outdoor settings and weather conditions! Opticore LED light bulbs also feature advanced LED technology and better bulb lenses to create brighter and more vivid colors. Opticore LED light bulbs are available in C7, C9, and G50 bulb sizes.