3' Cool White LED Frosted Alpine Wisp Tree

Item: V63040

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Add a unique wintertime decoration to your home with these lighted, frosted Alpine Wisp Trees. The graceful branches sweep downward, like conifer limbs sagging under fresh snow. Light is provided by cool white 5mm LEDs, small bulbs but brilliant thanks to their concave design that disperses light evenly in a beautiful halo -- with all the durability and energy efficiency of advanced LED technology. These slender trees look great in entryways, covered patios or porches, and anywhere you want to create a winter wonderland inside your home to brighten up those dark winter nights.

  • 3' LED alpine wisp tree
  • 180 cool white LED lights
  • 16 foot lead for easy connection to power
  • Requires no adapter
  • Energy efficient LED lights use less energy and last longer

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