7' LED Fairy Lights, Blue, Green Wire

Item: V40111

This item (V40111) is not currently available for purchase.

Light it up blue! Light up everything! These energy saving LEDs not only shine super bright - they extend battery life far beyond incandescent lights! With the price of batteries these days, your savings are reached before you even change your batteries out!

  • 18 battery operated lights on a green wire.
  • Energy efficient LED technology reduces power draw by up to 90%, meaning you save money on batteries!
  • LED battery lights deliver superior illumination with an incredibly low power draw.
  • Built in timer helps save power and money by turning off automatically, prolonging battery life.
  • A top choice for decorators and wedding planners who need the freedom to decorate without electrical outlets.
  • Revolutionary in size and brilliance! These tiny LED bulbs radiate intense light, making them ideal in crafts and even holiday greenery.
  • Spotlight your space with battery lights that deliver superior illumination without needing a plug.
  • Uses AA batteries, with an average 120 hours of battery life.

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