Decorative Birdhouses

Decorative birdhouses are a delight for bird lovers and birds alike. Featuring stunning architectural designs that are easy to clean and to fill, these decorative bird houses are not only beautiful, but fully functional. These classic designs will keep birds safe year round and add that finishing touch to your backyard with ornate architecture. Decorative bird houses help to invite and protect birds, while adding aesthetic appeal to any landscape of gardens. Enjoy early spring and summer mornings with the gentle and inviting chirps and songs of the birds who will call these decorative bird houses their own.

Victorian Cottage Yellow Birdhouse
Victorian Cottage Bird House

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Back mounted Victorian Decorative Bird House with pine shingles and two story design
Starbarn Church Birdhouse
StarBarn Bird House

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This intricate birdhouse design is fully functional and the perfect size for smaller birds
Blue Cottage Birdhouse
Novelty Cottage Bird House
Single nesting stylish novelty cottage bird house with easy cleaning
Decorative Wrension Birdhouse
Decorative Wrension Bird House

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Decorative birdhouse with two nesting areas and easy access for cleaning
Chinese Pagoda Decorative Birdhouse
Decorative Chinese Pagoda Bird House

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Bring the Orient to your backyard with this inspiring Chinese pagoda decorative bird house
Victorian Manor Birdhouse
Victorian Manor Bird House with Bracket

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Exquisite decorative birdhouse with Victorian gables, window balconies, and pine shingles
lakehouse birdhouse
Lake House Bird House
Colorful birdhouse that is a replica of a lake house
Little Wren White Birdhouse
Decorative Little Wren Hanging Bird House
From $49.99

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Wren Decorative Bird House with cedar shingles available in multiple colors
Cozy Cottage Birdhouse
Cozy Cottage Bird House

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Great starter decorative birdhouse for many common backyard birds
Chapel Bell Three Story Birdhouse
Chapel Bell Bird House

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This Chapel Bell painted decorative bird house has stained glass windows for beauty
Home Bazaar Lavender Birdhouse
Shotgun Cottage Bird House

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Birds will enjoy nesting in this painted decorative birdhouse with Fleur De Lis on front door
brighton beach hut birdhouse
Brighton Beach Huts 3 Room Hanging Bird House
Colorful beach hut birdhouse with 3 separate next boxes
country comfort birdhouse
Country Comfort Rustic Log Cabin Hanging Bird House
Country Comfort Rustic Log Cabin Bird House
tybee island birdhouse
Tybee Island Lighthouse Bird House
Charming bird house modeled after the original Tybee Island lighthouse
Gingerbread Cottage White Birdhouse
Gingerbread Cottage Bird House
Decorative birdhouse for wrens, chicks, finches and titmice
Honeymoon Cottage White Birdhouse
Decorative Honeymoon Cottage Bird House with Bracket

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A honeymoon cottage decorative birdhouse is perfect for nesting love birds
Fairy Cottage Green Birdhouse
Fairy Cottage Hanging Bird House
From $79.99

Sale! Save up to 25%

Charming Fairy Cottage in many colors decorative birdhouses are fit for feathered friends
French Garden Cottage Birdhouse
French Garden Cottage Bird House
Notched windows and exposed rafters make this unique French Country Garden home a great bird house
Prairie Birdhouse
Prairie Bird House

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This Little House on the Prairie decorative birdhouse is a must have for fans of the show
Sleepy Hollow White Birdhouse
Sleepy Hollow Bird House

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This sleepy hollow design is a favorite in decorative birdhouses
Beach Haven Birdhouse
Beach Haven Birdhouse

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Beach Haven decorative birdhouse brought to you straight from the shore
Kottage Kabin Natural Birdhouse
Kottage Kabin Hanging-Post Bird House
From $49.99

Sale! Save up to 15%

This decorative birdhouse resembles a quaint cabin in the woods
Townhouse Birdhouse
Townhouse Bird House
From $39.99

Sale! Save up to 24%

Detailed doors and windows adorn this Townhouse painted decorative birdhouse
Chalet White Birdhouse
Chalet Bird House

Sale! Save 32%

Painted decorative birdhouse with two stories and pine shingled roof adds interest
Lord of the Wing Redwood Hobbit Styled Bird House
Lord of the Wing Redwood Hobbit Styled Bird House
Lord of the Wing birdhouse with unique design based on Lord of the Rings mythology
Rapunzel White Birdhouse
Rapunzel Bird House

Sale! Save 25%

Beautiful storybook decorative birdhouse will add charm to your backyard
Round Island Lighthouse Birdhouse
Round Island Lighthouse Bird House

Sale! Save 24%

This painted decorative birdhouse is a replication of the lighthouse on Mackinac Island
Decorative Sag Harbor Birdhouse
Sag Harbor Bird House with Mansard Roof
Elaborate detail make this historic replica birdhouse a perfect addition to any bird sanctuary
Cuckoo Cottage White Birdhouse
Decorative Cuckoo Cottage Bird House

Sale! Save 18%

Ornate decorative bird house has beautiful design after a cuckoo clock
Decorative Cape Cod Birdhouse
Decorative Cape Cod Bird House with Bracket

Sale! Save 18%

Cape Code decorative birdhouse designed to attract common cavity dwellers
Novelty Cape Cord Birdhouse
Novelty Cape Cod Bird House

Sale! Save 30%

You will be stunned by the detail of this Novelty Cape Cod painted decorative bird house
Blue Hamlet Birdhouse
Hamlet Bird House

Sale! Save 12%

Delightful Hamlet painted decorative birdhouse will become a favorite nesting place
Farm House White Birdhouse
Farm House Bird House

Sale! Save 26%

Enhance your yard with this quaint Farm House Decorative Birdhouse
Decorative Sign Post Birdhouse
Sign Post Bird House
Birdhouse with outdoor sign posts will keep your winged friends on track
lobster cottage bird house
Lobster Cottage Hanging Bird House
Red lobster themed bird house
Crab Cottage Birdhouse
Crab Cottage Beach 1 Room Hanging Bird House
Create a beachy sanctuary for birds with this crab themed bird house
Hobbitt House Green Birdhouse
Hobbitt House Bird House

Sale! Save 36%

Adorable Hobbitt decorative birdhouse has charm and style with wrap around porch
anchor cottage bird house
Anchor Cottage Hanging Bird House
Blue navy themed bird house
Heartwood Red Rock City Birdhouse
Rock City Bird House

Sale! Save 15%

Classically styled decorative birdhouse straight from the hills of Tennessee
Verdigris Carousel Birdhouse
Carousel Bird House
Beautifully crafted Victorian Carousel decorative birdhouse with multiple compartments
Bell Birdhouse
Bell Bird House
Bell painted decorative birdhouse is constructed with only weather resistant woods
French Guest Cottage Birdhouse
French Guest Cottage Bird House
This little birdhouse is perfect for tiny nesters with its stone chimney detail and adorable windows
Blue Rungsted Cottage Birdhouse
Rungsted Cottage Birdhouse
This beauty of a bird house is worth adding to your yard with porch and balcony design
Decorative Casita Birdhouse
Casita Bird House
Attractive Casita Bird house will bring you hours of enjoyment watching nesting birds
Decorative Boat House Birdhouse
Boat House Birdhouse
Cute boat house bird house with exceptional detail and entrance in life saver
Historic Annapolis Lighthouse Birdhouse
Historic Annapolis Lighthouse Birdhouse
Historical decorative birdhouse takes beautiful form of an Annapolis home
Swedish Cottage Red Birdhouse
Swedish Cottage Birdhouse
Swedish designed bird house has both front and side balcony
Public Library Decorative Birdhouse
Public Library Decorative Bird House
Decorative birdhouse with plenty of room and separate nesting areas
Betsys Patriotic American Flag Birdhouse
Betsy's Patriotic American Flag Hanging Bird House
Pledge allegiance to the flag with this unique Patriotic birdhouse
purple martin colonial cottage bird house
Purple Martin Main Street "Colonial" Cottage 10 Room Bird House
Purple martins will flock to this beautiful cottage with several rooms for the whole family
Bird house
Small Shingled Bird House
Constructed of cellular vinyl, this shingled bird house is a must have
Decorative Purple Martin Clubhouse Birdhouse
Clubhouse Bird House for Purple Martins
One of the most popular purple martin decorative birdhouses for multiple nesting families
Loretta Birdhouse
Loretta Bird House
Aesthetically pleasing, this painted decorative birdhouse will weather to a lovely color
Kingsgate Cottage White Birdhouse
Kingsgate Cottage Bird House
Stylish decorative birdhouse will attract finches and wrens to your yard
Heartwood Highland Park Birdhouse
Highland Park Bird House
For the most discriminating taste, this decorative birdhouse has a hand-oiled finish
Flat 5 Room Bird House
Flat Bird House
Flat painted decorative birdhouse has multiple separate nesting areas
Copper Top Birdhouse
Copper Top Bird House
The spun copper roof adds just the right flare to this painted decorative birdhouse
Christmas Cabin Birdhouse
Christmas Cabin Bird House
Make your feathered friends feel home for the holidays in this lovely Christmas bird house
Back Porch Wren Birdhouse
Back Porch Wren House
Perfect painted decorative birdhouse to hang on fence tree or back porch
Arts and Crafts Green Birdhouse
Arts and Crafts Bird House
Detail has not been spared in this intricately carved Arts and Crafts decorative birdhouse