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Painted Bird Houses

Painted Bird Houses have the most intricate details, from windows and doors to railings and mailboxes. Each bird house is fully functional and guaranteed to attract birds such as finches, titmice, wrens and nuthatches. Give your birds an ideal birdhouse and admire the construction and design. Bird lovers can't help but want the best for their birds, and it is evident through our painted bird houses just how treasured bird visitors are.

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Rusty Rooster Birdhouse
Rusty Rooster Bird House
This Redwood Rusty Rooster painted decorative bird house is not just for the farm


Heartwood Red Rock City Birdhouse
Rock City Bird House
Classically styled decorative birdhouse straight from the hills of Tennessee

From $94.99

Heartwood Hadley Park Birdhouse
Hadley Park Hanging Bird House
From the crackle finish to the butterfly hanging hook, this bird house is a must have

$119.99 (Save 12%)

Decorative Boat House Birdhouse
Boat House Birdhouse
Cute boat house bird house with exceptional detail and entrance in life saver


Beach Haven Birdhouse
Beach Haven Birdhouse
Beach Haven decorative birdhouse brought to you straight from the shore


White Florentine Bird House with Verdigris Roof
Florentine Bird House
Decorative florentine birdhouse with crackle finish suits any yard and comes in many colors


Blue Cottage Birdhouse
Novelty Cottage Bird House
Single nesting stylish novelty cottage bird house with easy cleaning


Flutterbye House
Flutterbye Butterfly House
Dramatic copper roof and colorful paint adorns this beautiful butterfly house

From $69.99

Green Apple Painted Wren in the Wind Wooden Bird House
Wren in the Wind Hanging Bird House
Stunning wren in the wind bird house will be a great addition to your bird paradise

From $49.99

Bluebird Manor in Blue Wooden Bird House
Bluebird Manor House
Stone washed cypress bird house makes bluebirds happy nesters

From $68.99

Decorative Purple Martin Clubhouse Birdhouse
Clubhouse Bird House for Purple Martins
One of the most popular purple martin decorative birdhouses for multiple nesting families

$279.99 (Save 37%)

Gatehouse Birdhouse
Gatehouse for Song Birds Bird House
Painted decorative birdhouse perfect for songbirds is enhanced with cleanout door

From $73.99

Songbird Suite Birdhouse
Songbird Suite Bird House
Stately songbird suite bird house available in multiple finishes

From $159.99

Butterfly House
Mademoiselle Butterfly House
Solid cypress construction with hand shingled roof makes this butterfly house a must have

From $57.99

Songbird Birdhouse
Copper Songbird Hanging Bird House
Solid copper roof song bird house with hanging loop available in different finishes

From $104.99

Home Bazaar Lavender Birdhouse
Shotgun Cottage Bird House
Birds will enjoy nesting in this painted decorative birdhouse with Fleur De Lis on front door

$49.99 (Save 15%)

Blueberry Fruit Coops Blue Birdhouse
Fruit Coops Hanging Bird House
Brightly colored birdhouses with slanted pine shingle roof adds interest to any garden


Heartwood Victorian Mansion Birdhouse
Victorian Mansion Bird House
Simple elegance describes this Victorian Mansion decorative birdhouse with aged roof

From $399.99

Cape Cod Wren Birdhouse
Cape Cod Wren Bird House
Very stylish little cape cod bird house perfect for wrens available in multiple colors

From $49.99

Fairy Cottage Green Birdhouse
Fairy Cottage Hanging Bird House
Charming Fairy Cottage in many colors decorative birdhouses are fit for feathered friends

From $79.99

Octavian Birdhouse
Oct-Avian Bird House
Compartments allow plenty of room in this eight sided bird house

From $229.99

Arts and Crafts Green Birdhouse
Arts and Crafts Bird House
Detail has not been spared in this intricately carved Arts and Crafts decorative birdhouse

$89.99 (Save 34%)

Townhouse Birdhouse
Townhouse Bird House
Detailed doors and windows adorn this Townhouse painted decorative birdhouse

From $39.99

Little Wren White Birdhouse
Decorative Little Wren Hanging Bird House
Wren Decorative Bird House with cedar shingles available in multiple colors

From $49.99

painted decorative bird house
S.S. Birdsong Pink Bird House
S.S. Birdsong Pink Bird House


Peeper Keeper Rustic Blue Birdhouse
Peeper Keeper Bird House
Happy campers will love to nest in this keyhole design bird house with pine shingle roof


Victorian Cottage Yellow Birdhouse
Victorian Cottage Bird House
Back mounted Victorian Decorative Bird House with pine shingles and two story design

From $39.99

Turquoise Twitter Junction Birdhouse
Twitter Junction Hanging Bird House
Barn shaped birdhouse with slatted front and curved copper roof


Pink Butterfly Boulevard House
Butterfly Boulevard Hanging Butterfly House
Brightly painted Butterfly Boulevard will have the butterflies fluttering with copper roof and butterfly detail


Heartwood Bungalow Birdhouse
Bungalow Hanging Bird House
Bungalow hanging birdhouse encourages nesting and is available in multiple colors


Classic Chick Birdhouse
Classic Chick Bird House
The cypress construction allows for excellent ventilation in this Classic Chick Bird House


Heartwood Country Wildwood Church Birdhouse
Country Wildwood Church
Detail abounds in this County Church bird house from cedar shingles to copper steeple

$84.99 (Save 15%)

Victorian Bat House
Victorian Bat House
Provide stylish shelter for your bats in this Victorian inspired bat house

From $119.99

Hobbitt House Green Birdhouse
Hobbitt House Bird House
Adorable Hobbitt decorative birdhouse has charm and style with wrap around porch

$109.99 (Save 36%)

Blue Hamlet Birdhouse
Hamlet Bird House
Delightful Hamlet painted decorative birdhouse will become a favorite nesting place

$49.99 (Save 12%)

Alcyon Home Tan
Alcyon Hanging Bird House
Heavy duty porcelain bird house available in multiple finishes protects from predators


Chick Post Birdhouse
Chick Post-Tree Bird House
Appealing chick birdhouse will look good in any birding paradise with multiple colors


Le Chateau Birdhouse
Le Chateau Bird House
Lavish Chateau Decorative birdhouse for the noblest of birds

$199.99 (Save 28%)

Classic Chapel Birdhouse
Classic Chapel Bird House
Solid cypress classic chapel bird house will look great in your bird sanctuary

$59.99 (Save 14%)

Chalet White Birdhouse
Chalet Bird House
Painted decorative birdhouse with two stories and pine shingled roof adds interest

$39.99 (Save 32%)

Decorative Casita Birdhouse
Casita Bird House
Attractive Casita Bird house will bring you hours of enjoyment watching nesting birds


Swedish Cottage Red Birdhouse
Swedish Cottage Birdhouse
Swedish designed bird house has both front and side balcony


Flock of Ages Chapel Birdhouse
Flock of Ages Chapel Bird House
Love birds wont be able to resist flocking to this Chapel birdhouse to nest


White Plymouth Church Wooden Bird House
White Plymouth Church Wooden Bird House
Decorative birdhouse designed after Plymouth church


Olde World Decorative Birdhouse
Ye Olde World Bird House
Ye Olde Birde House


Redwood Bluebird Bunkhouse Birdhouse
Bluebird Bunkhouse Hanging Bird House
Perfect for bluebirds with a front opening for easy clean out and a slanted pine shingle roof


Lauren Gail Birdhouse
Lauren Gail Bird House
Built to last from 3/4" thick cypress, you will keep birds happy for years


Heartwood French Villa Birdhouse
French Villa Bird House
Pièce de résistance, this French Villa Decorative bird house will last a lifetime


Purple Martin Town Hall Birdhouse
Town Hall Bird House - for Purple Martins
The Town Hall birdhouse has a multitude of compartments for your Purple Martins


Olde Tyme Chapel Birdhouse
Olde Tyme Chapel Bird House
Grace and Elegance can be used to describe this quality constructed cypress bird house


Bungalow Birdhouse
Bungalow Bird House
Wrens, finches, chickadees and nuthatches will be happy in this painted bird house


Butterfly Chapel House
Butterfly Chapel Bird House
Distinctive Butterfly Chapel house has crackled finish to appear aged


Back Porch Wren Birdhouse
Back Porch Wren House
Perfect painted decorative birdhouse to hang on fence tree or back porch


Christmas Cabin Birdhouse
Christmas Cabin Bird House
Make your feathered friends feel home for the holidays in this lovely Christmas bird house


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