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Wooden Bird Houses

Rustic Wooden Birdhouses are wonderful for the beginning watcher because they are easily cleaned and filled. Made from Cedar and Pine, these wooden bird houses have a rustic, contemporary charm about them. Designed for a variety of species, these gorgeous, natural houses are sure to be a delight in your backyard for years to come.

Rustic Bluebird Houses

(12 Items)
Bluebird Manor in Blue Wooden Bird House
Bluebird Manor House
Stone washed cypress bird house makes bluebirds happy nesters
From $63.25
Coveside Conservation Bluebird Box
Mountain Bluebird House
Bbluebirds prefer a more open habitat and will feel right at home in this birdhouse
Heartwood Western Bluebird Joy Box
Western Bluebird Joy Box
Easy to maintain bluebird house will have them singing with joy
Looker Sparrow Resistant Birdhouse
Sparrow-Resistant Bluebird House
Shallow slot design blue bird house will deter sparrows from nesting here

Wren and Chickadee Bird Houses

(27 Items)
Heartwood Red Rock City Birdhouse
Rock City Bird House
Classically styled decorative birdhouse straight from the hills of Tennessee
From $89.99
Redwood High Cotton Birdhouse
High Cotton Bird House
Steep A-line birdhouse offers rustic class for any garden with painted frame and pine shingle roof
Heartwood Bungalow Birdhouse
Bungalow Hanging Bird House
Bungalow hanging birdhouse encourages nesting and is available in multiple colors
Lord of the Wing Redwood Hobbit Styled Bird House
Lord of the Wing Redwood Hobbit Styled Bird House
Lord of the Wing birdhouse with unique design based on Lord of the Rings mythology

Owl and Wild Bird Houses

(34 Items)
Heartwood Screech Owl Joy Box
Joy Box-Screech Owl
Invite a screech owl to your backyard with this nesting box
Wood Duck Joy Box House
Wood Duck Joy Box
With bare wood design, this duck nesting box will be useful season after season
Barn Owl House
Barn Owl House
Wooden barn owl birdhouse perfect in a high tree, barn or shed for best results
Woodpecker House
Woodpecker Bird House
Give your woodpeckers an alternate place to nest other than your siding with a birdhouse

Wooden Purple Martin Houses

(6 Items)
Decorative Purple Martin Clubhouse Birdhouse
Clubhouse Bird House for Purple Martins
One of the most popular purple martin decorative birdhouses for multiple nesting families
$259.95 (Save 38%)
Purple Martin Birdhouse
Wooden Purple Martin House
Strong and durable purple martin bird house made in the USA
Purple Martin Birdhouse
Rustic Purple Martin Bird House
This purple martin house is designed to ensure the survival of the baby birds
Purple Martin Town Hall Birdhouse
Town Hall Bird House - for Purple Martins
The Town Hall birdhouse has a multitude of compartments for your Purple Martins

Recycled Birdhouses

(48 Items)
Octavian Birdhouse
Oct-Avian Bird House
Compartments allow plenty of room in this eight sided bird house
From $218.00
Songbird Suite Birdhouse
Songbird Suite Bird House
Stately songbird suite bird house available in multiple finishes
Flock of Ages Chapel Birdhouse
Flock of Ages Chapel Bird House
Love birds wont be able to resist flocking to this Chapel birdhouse to nest
Green Apple Painted Wren in the Wind Wooden Bird House
Wren in the Wind Hanging Bird House
Stunning wren in the wind bird house will be a great addition to your bird paradise
From $49.99

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