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Owl and Wild Bird Houses

Owl and wild bird houses are great for larger birds. We believe in giving all the birds a birdhouse, and so we offer owl houses, duck houses, and even woodpecker houses. Browse through our wild bird house selection, most of which are proudly Made in USA.

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Heartwood Screech Owl Joy Box
Joy Box-Screech Owl
Invite a screech owl to your backyard with this nesting box


Wood Duck Joy Box House
Wood Duck Joy Box
With bare wood design, this duck nesting box will be useful season after season

$69.99 (Save 13%)

Barn Owl House
Barn Owl House
Wooden barn owl birdhouse perfect in a high tree, barn or shed for best results


Bird house
24"H Wood Duck / Hooded Merganser House
This birdhouse will let you keep an eye on those little ducklings nested in trees


Bluebird Manor in Blue Wooden Bird House
Bluebird Manor House
Stone washed cypress bird house makes bluebirds happy nesters

From $68.99

Songbird Suite Birdhouse
Songbird Suite Bird House
Stately songbird suite bird house available in multiple finishes

From $159.99

Heartwood Red Rock City Birdhouse
Rock City Bird House
Classically styled decorative birdhouse straight from the hills of Tennessee

From $94.99

Lord of the Wing Redwood Hobbit Styled Bird House
Lord of the Wing Redwood Hobbit Styled Bird House
Lord of the Wing birdhouse with unique design based on Lord of the Rings mythology


Heartwood Bungalow Birdhouse
Bungalow Hanging Bird House
Bungalow hanging birdhouse encourages nesting and is available in multiple colors


Heartwood Country Wildwood Church Birdhouse
Country Wildwood Church
Detail abounds in this County Church bird house from cedar shingles to copper steeple

$84.99 (Save 15%)

Homestead Wooden Bird House with Copper Roof
Homestead Wooden Bird House with Copper Roof
Homestead birdhouse with visible wood grain and copper roof


Flock of Ages Chapel Birdhouse
Flock of Ages Chapel Bird House
Love birds wont be able to resist flocking to this Chapel birdhouse to nest


Wooden Church Jubilee Bird House with Iron Medallion
Wooden Church Jubilee Bird House with Iron Medallion
Wooden jubilee birdhouse is shaped like a church and has beautiful medallion on surface


Vintage Gatehouse Rustic Wooden Bird House
Vintage Gatehouse Rustic Wooden Bird House
Cute gatehouse birdhouse brings vintage design to your yard


Olde World Decorative Birdhouse
Ye Olde World Bird House
Ye Olde Birde House


Heartwood Vintage Shed Birdhouse
Vintage Shed Bird House
Vintage shed birdhouse with a wonderful rustic look and natural wood


Vintage Bird House
Vintage Wren Bird House
Deserving of a second glance, this vintage wren bird house will add distinction to your yard


Screech Owl House
Screech Owl Bird House
Encourage screech owls to nest with this cedar constructed birdhouse


Bird house
Small Winter Roost
Simply designed winter birdhouse has internal perches to accommodate 6 or more birds


Looker Slot Bluebird House
Slot Bluebird House
This slotted bluebird house will discourage sparrows from nesting here


Aqua Duck Wooden Birdhouse
Aqua Duck Floating Bird House
The Aqua Duck bird house is great for ducks and their broods and floats on water


Heartwood Wrental Birdhouse
Wrental Bird House
Your wrens will be happy to keep coming back to this striking solid mahogany bird house


Duck house
Small Wood Duck House
This duck birdhouse design has internal wire ladder to help the ducklings climb out


Screech Owl House
Saw-Whet Owl and Screech Owl House
Set up this Screech Owl birdouse and they will thank you by doing pest control at night


Duck Birdhouse
Black Bellied Whistling Wood Duck Bird House
Wood and black bellied ducks nest easily in this nesting box with large entrance


Owl house
Barred Owl House
Barred owl bird house with large opening and thick wooden walls for protection


Bird house
Backyard Wooden Birdhouse
This is the ideal choice of simple birdhouse that will attract a variety of birds


Bird house
Hanging Carolina Wren House
Hanging Carolina Wren bird house with a slate predator guard keeps your birds safe


Flicker House
Flicker Wooden Bird House
This large bird house attracts woodpeckers and accommodates their long bodies


Bird house
Convertible Winter Roost
This winter roost can easily be converted to a birdhouse after the winter season


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