Gazing Balls

Rich in folklore and timelessly beautiful, gazing balls or garden balls have been adding personality and charm to gardens for many centuries. When choosing a garden globe, consider your outdoor space and try to pick a color or finish that accents the natural beauty found in your setting. Stainless steel gazing balls reflect the world surrounding them in a vision of beauty and mosaic, stone and rusted designs add artistic interest to your outdoor spaces.

10" Stainless Steel Gazing Ball
Stainless Steel Gazing Ball
From $9.99
Stainless steel gazing ball to bounce light around the garden
10" Mosaic Mirror Gazing Ball
Mosaic Gazing Ball
Mosaic gazing ball to catch and reflect light
6" Colonial Stone Garden Globe - Steel
Stone Gazing Ball
Stone gazing ball thought to ward off evil in ancient times
sundial pedestal
Pillar Cast Iron Pedestal

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Cast iron column pedestal for armillary sundials
Gazing Globe Pedestal Base
Gazing Globe Pedestal Base

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Pedestal that works for all gazing globes and styles any garden