Globe Lights Hanging Along a Backyard Fence

Globe Light Size Comparison

As a result of their iconic round shape and ability to blend with the decor of any space, globe lights have been a staple in outdoor party lighting for years. And, with so many bulb colors and finishes available, globe lights are an exceptionally versatile patio lighting option. However, what many people don't take into account are the different bulb sizes and ideal uses for each. The three most common globe light sizes are G30, G40 and G50. The corresponding number next to each G indicates the bulb diameter as measured in millimeters. For example, a G30 bulb is 30mm in diameter, which is much smaller and provides less illumination than the G50 (50mm) globe light. For this reason, the size of the area being lit should be taken into account when deciding on which globe lights you will use.

Globe Light Size Comparison
Left to Right: G50, G40 & G30 Globe Light Bulbs

G30 Globe Lights

G30 globe lights are 30mm in diameter which is slightly larger than a typical gumball you might find in a machine. It would take an abundance of G30 patio bulbs to light up a large outdoor area, however this bulb size is perfect for adding the ideal amount of functional light to small spaces without being overpowering. Use G30 patio bulbs as indoor room lights, for adding ambiance in cozy event spaces or to turn small patios, decks or balconies into inviting outdoor spaces. For G30 globe lights to look their best, pair them with light strings that have 6" spacing between each socket instead of the more common 12" spacing.

G40 Globe Lights

G40 globe lights are 40mm in diameter, exactly the size of a ping pong ball. This mid-size patio bulb bridges the gap between small G30 bulbs and large G50 bulbs, providing the ideal amount of brightness for most patios, backyard lighting and outdoor dining areas at restaurants. G40 globe light bulbs work well on light strings with either 6" or 12" socket spacing and can accommodate most residential outdoor lighting projects.

G40 Multicolor Globe Lights Illuminate a Dinner Party
G40 Multicolor Satin Finish Globe Lights
G40 Pearl White Globe Lights Brighten a Backyard Fence
G40 Pearl White Globe Lights

G50 Globe Lights

At 50mm in diameter, G50 bulbs are one of the largest of the globe light variety. The large bulb size and vivid light output makes G50 patio lights ideal for providing functional lighting for wide open outdoor spaces and long term projects including residential, commercial and event applications. G50 bulbs should be hung on light strings with at least 12 inches of space between each socket so as not to overpower the area being lit. Bulb finish should also be taken into account when determining the best G50 light bulb for your space. For example, clear transparent bulbs provide the brightest light output and can easily illuminate a backyard or outdoor event space, whereas satin finish or faceted LED patio light bulbs diffuse the light to create an inviting atmosphere when hung across a deck, restaurant patio or inside a large gathering space.

Fun String Lights Ideas From Us!

Being surrounded by lights, we often find ourselves experimenting with different designs and applications which can lead to some really fun and unique lighting ideas! Try mixing different types of bulbs such as G50 faceted LED globe lights with C9 faceted LED lights on the same string, just make sure the base sizes for each match your socket sizes! You can also experiment with mixing colors and finishes. Opaque, satin or pearl finish bulbs add interest to outdoor lighting in the daytime when paired with clear transparent bulbs while red opaque, clear transparent and blue opaque globe lights create an exciting patriotic lighting design!

Alternate Pearl White and Clear Globe Lights
Pearl White and Clear Finish Globe Lights

If you have questions about the best globe light size for your space, leave a comment below or reach out to us on Facebook. We'd love to help you pick out the ideal patio lights for your project!

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