Wiring & Electrical Accessories

Light Timers

Create a perfectly timed light display even when you're away! Timers and controllers offer ultimate convenience and design freedom!

hanging accessories
Hanging Accessories

Design light displays like the pros with expertly crafted light clips and stakes for all your hanging and walkway lighting needs!

extension cords
Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cords

Help your lights reach new heights with heavy duty indoor and outdoor rated extension cords in colors to complement any project!

Outdoor Electrical Wiring Accessories
Zip Cord & Wiring Accessories

Power and protect your light displays with commercial grade light sockets, outlets and plugs in a variety of colors and styles.

Rope Light Controllers
Rope Light Accessories

Customize your rope light displays with multi function controllers, mounting clips, power cords and installation accessories!

LED Accessories
LED Accessories

Just when you think LED lighting can't get better! Run multiple lines of LED strings and rope lights with just one access point!