Decorative Bird Feeders

Cottage Birdfeeder
Hamlet French Cottage Bird Feeder
Hang this little cottage feeder in the midst of the cottage birdhouses and create a paradise for the birds
Coppertop Lantern Bird Feeder
Coppertop Lantern Bird Feeder
Made in USA uniquely designed lantern bird feeder with copper details and inlaid cedar
Gazebo Bird feeder
Whetherby Cove Gazebo Bird Feeder
This gazebo-style feeder holds lots of seed in its glass container
Aqua Seed Bird Feeder
Seed Drop Songbird Feeder
Hanging glass bird feeder for songbirds including blue jays and robins
Red Seed Bird Feeder
Glass Decorative Song Bird Feeder
Decorative song bird feeder attracts singing birds to the enclosed safety zone for feeding
Pavillion Bird Feeder
Pavillion Bird Feeder
Constructed of red cedar, this Pavilion Decorative bird feeder has enough seed for all