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Bat Haven House
Bat Haven

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Encourage bats to your neighborhood for a pesticide free insect control with a bat house
Victorian Bat House
Victorian Bat House
Provide stylish shelter for your bats in this Victorian inspired bat house
Bat Shelter
Small Sunshine Bat House
Bat house constructed with slots at the bottom to keep nesting birds out
Mini Bat House
Mini Bat House
Complete with echo location slot, this smaller bat house is a perfect starter house
Bat house
Large Sunshine Bat House
Keep bats out of your attic when you place this large bat house for them to roost
Batchelor Pad Bat House
BATchelor Pad
BATchelor pad encourages a bat to nest in your yard and protect your against insects
Bat house
Bat Tower
Solid bathouse construction for warmth and durability encourages bats to nest in this home
Bat house
Bat Mansion
Start your own mosquito abatement program by installing this bat house mansion
Bat house
Bat Condominium
Bat house with multiple chambers will home your bats comfortably and encourage nesting