Wren and Chickadee Bird Houses

Songbird Suite Birdhouse
Songbird Suite Bird House
Stately songbird suite bird house will attract many types of birds
White Bluebird Manor
Bluebird Manor House
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Stone washed cypress bird house makes bluebirds happy nesters
Redwood High Cotton Birdhouse
High Cotton Bird House

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Steep A-line birdhouse offers rustic class for any garden with painted frame and pine shingle roof
Vintage Gatehouse Rustic Wooden Bird House
Vintage Gatehouse Rustic Wooden Bird House

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Cute gatehouse birdhouse brings vintage design to your yard
Flock of Ages Chapel Birdhouse
Flock of Ages Chapel Bird House

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Love birds wont be able to resist flocking to this Chapel birdhouse to nest
Heartwood Red Rock City Birdhouse
Rock City Bird House

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Classically styled decorative birdhouse straight from the hills of Tennessee
shady shed green
Shady Shed Bird House

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Charming rustic bird house with a cooper verdigris roof
Heartwood Copper Mansion
Copper Mansion Bird House
Copper Mansion decorative birdhouse has reverse board and batten vertical siding
Heartwood Wrental Birdhouse
Wrental Bird House
Your wrens will be happy to keep coming back to this striking solid mahogany bird house
Window Nest Box
Window Nest Box
This rustic nest box allows you to watch the nestlings grow without disturbing the birds
Bird house
Titmouse, Prothonotary Warbler, and Tree Swallow House
You never know which bird family will be calling this rustic wooden birdhouse home
Starter Home Birdhouse
Starter Bird House
A great starter bird house for those into bird watching or wanting to keep babies safe
white copper top songbird suite bird house
White Copper Songbird Suite Bird House
Elegant white birdhouse with a copper roof is the prefect place for birds to live
old world copper songbird suite bird house
Old World Songbird Suite Bird House
Stately songbird suite bird house with copper roof
Bird house
Small Winter Roost
Simply designed winter birdhouse has internal perches to accommodate 6 or more birds
Bird house
Nuthatch Bird House
Place in mature woods to attract the nuthatch to this bird house
Bird house
Kestrel Bird House
Left untreated, this pine bird house will weather to a grey shade
Wren Box House
House Wren Wooden Birdhouse
Hand made wooden wren bird house is practical and durable
Bird house
Horizontal Winter Roost
There is plenty of room inside this winter roost with a dowel extending across the width
Wren House
Hanging Wren House
Wrens do not mind a house that sways and this bird house will suit them perfectly
Bird house
Hanging Carolina Wren House
Hanging Carolina Wren bird house with a slate predator guard keeps your birds safe
Bird house
Convertible Winter Roost
This winter roost can easily be converted to a birdhouse after the winter season
Bird house
Chickadee Bird House
Protect your little Chickadees in this rustic wooden bird house
Bird house
Backyard Wooden Birdhouse
This is the ideal choice of simple birdhouse that will attract a variety of birds