Holiday Lights

Christmas Lights - Create Magical Memories!

Our curated collection of holiday lights will help you to celebrate the magic in every season! Christmas lights create cheerful displays during winter, patio string lights brighten the outdoor festivities of spring and summer, and Halloween lights take fall decorating to frightful new levels. Illuminate your indoor and outdoor spaces with the help of holiday lights for every occassion!

LED String Lights

Illuminate your outdoor retreat with energy efficient LED string lights in the most vivid colors and fun lighting styles!

Icicle Lights
Icicle Lights

Accent event spaces, gardens and decks with shimmering incandescent or LED icicle lights available in the most vibrant colors!

C7 / C9 String Lights
C7 / C9 String Lights

C7/C9 string lights are the classic lights you love with modern upgrades you want! Find Incandescent or LED bulbs in popular hues!

Incandescent Mini String Lights
Incandescent Mini String Lights

The traditional incandescent mini string lights you love with an incredible selection of bulbs colors, spacing and wire lengths!

Net Lights
Net Lights

Create a canopy of bright, uniform light over your landscapes with the help of incandescent or LED net lights and trunk wraps!

StretchNet Pro Trunk Wrap Lights
StretchNet Pro® Tree Lights

An innovative new way to wrap trees with lights! StretchNet Pro Net Lights expand to fit a variety of tree diameters.

Trunk Wrap Lights
Trunk Wrap Lights

Trunk wrap lights available in multiple sizes, brown, green and white wire colors, plus incandescent or LED lighting options.

Rope Lights

Illuminate outdoor landscapes with rope lights! Choose from a variety of vivid colors and options with animated effects!

Cascade Lights

Create mesmerizing displays with cascade lights and falling rain lights. Mix and match colors and sizes for one of kind masterpieces!

Outdoor String Lights
Outdoor String Lights

Illuminate your landscapes with outdoor string lights! Popular choices in LED mini, globe lights, C7/C9 light strings and more!

Christmas Light Hangers
Christmas Light Hangers

Christmas Light Hangers for Installing Light Strings on a Variety of Surfaces

Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Take your yard to a new level this holiday season. From lit stars and spheres to outdoor trees and more, everything you could need to complete a magical display is at your fingertips!

Hanging Accessories
Wiring & Electrical Accessories

Put the finishing touch on your patio string lights design with timers, extension cords, hanging clips and more!

Patriotic Summer Lights
Patriotic Lights & Decor

It's almost time for fireworks! Show your pride with Red, White & Blue Patriotic lights and decorations and keep the fun times rolling well into the evening!

Green LED Christmas Lights
Green String Lights

Green string lights are a staple for St. Patrick's Day decor, Mardi Gras celebrations, and Christmas decorating!

Outdoor Halloween Lights
Halloween Lights

Halloween lights create a spellbinding scene! Enchant trick or treaters with Halloween lights in the spookiest colors including purple, orange and green.

Happy Holidays! With each passing season there are new reasons for celebration. Spring brings with it warm sunny days, bright flowers, a day each for mom and dad, graduation parties and Easter. The hot days and endless nights of summer are filled with outdoor activities, backyard BBQs and July 4th celebrations. Fall ushers in cooler weather, spooky Halloween themes and a time for being thankful. Finally, winter arrives with a month of merriment in December which closes out in a celebration of the new year to come. Every season is special and every celebration is an opportunity for creative decorating.

Winter: A Light Filled Wonderland

This is the season of good cheer and one of the most decorated times of the year. Christmas is undoubtedly the most popular holiday for decorating as families across the globe show off their holiday spirit in all areas of the home. Vibrant Christmas light displays take over porches, roofs and yards, bringing entire neighborhoods together. Christmas trees, decorations and even more lights can be seen shimmering behind windows and painting a picture of cozy spaces inside. From the feeling of excitement when you flip the lights on for the first time after spending all weekend installing them just right, to the look of wonder on the faces of passersby young and old as they gaze upon your amazing outdoor scene, the most wonderful time of year is framed in Christmas lights and the picture inside is something truly special.

Winter Wonderland with Christmas Lights

Inspire Joy

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Creating a Christmas light display that inspires joy doesn't mean you have to go all out or completely blow your budget. Whether you choose the simple act of wrapping a single tree in lights, the complex planning of an all out mega light display, or anything in between, amazing displays come in all sizes, styles and colors - just like holiday lights themselves! Outdoor spaces provide an abundance of opportunities for Christmas lights to shine, our decorating ideas below can help you get started toward creating your own cheerful display!

  • Monochromatic color schemes are beautiful, but there are also several popular color combinations to choose from if you want to try something different in your outdoor display. Some of those popular pairings include: Red/White, Blue/White, Red/Green, Blue/Green
  • A few less common but just as gorgeous color combinations are Gold/White, Red/Green/Gold, and Pink or Green with Cool White.
  • Icicle lights are most often seen hanging from gutters, however they look amazing when hung across a fence or porch railing and cascading down staircases.
  • C7 and C9 Christmas lights can create perfectly outlined landscapes when placed on light stakes down the driveway or around the perimeter of a yard.
  • Mini lights were made for wrapping! Wrap outdoor trees and porch railings with mini lights and weave them through bushes to brighten your front yard. Short on time? Trunk wraps and net lights make the job of wrapping fast and produce completely uniform designs!
  • Hanging decorations like light balls and star lights are beautiful when suspended from tree branches or underneath a covered porch or front entryway.

Spring & Summer: Longer Nights & Outdoor Lights

Sunny days and blooming flowers give way to all kinds of outdoor celebrations! Patio lights are incredibly popular during this time of year and can be found everywhere from restaurants to backyard patios. Although white is the most common light color for this season, the Memorial Day and July 4th holidays present an opportunity to try something fun with outdoor lighting. Several varieties of red, white and blue combination lights are available to transform any outdoor space into a patriotic display bursting with pride. Red, white and blue mini lights, icicle lights, and patio sets are perfect for our patriotic holidays but they can also be used all season long to add festive illumination to those warm summer evenings.

Fall: A Festival of Light

As the days become shorter and trees fill in with splashes of gold, orange and red, a whole new time for celebration is here! Halloween and Thanksgiving are the hallmark holidays of fall, each with their own unique opportunities for decorating with lights. Halloween decor can take on a spooky vibe or be whimsical and fun, Orange, purple and green lights in combination with spiders, pumpkins, ghostly figures and witches hats can create an eerie spectacle indoors and out. Create a haunted forest by wrapping trees with purple/green and purple/orange LED mini lights. Hang starlight spheres in coordinating colors across the porch or from the branches of those same wrapped trees and finish the entire scene with net lights on bushes and icicle lights hanging from gutters or across porch railings. Add in a few themed decorations and you've got a festive outdoor Halloween light display that will have all the trick-or-treaters at your door! For Thanksgiving, many of the same light colors can be used to brighten a table setting or centerpiece. Gold lights are also a beautiful addition to Fall themed wreaths and decorations and can be reused in Christmas holiday light displays too!