Halloween Lights

Frightfully Fun - Outdoor Halloween Lights

Spooky, Fun, Playful or Scary - no matter what atmosphere your Halloween decorating style creates, there are plenty of lights to complement your display! Orange, purple & green are the hallmark string light colors of the Fall season. Choose one color or create spellbinding combinations to highlight your spooky outdoor decorations! Popular Halloween light color combinations include classic purple and orange lights, wickedly witchy purple and green, and the less common, blue and green "playful monsters" color palette which is really fun for kids!

Enchanted Outdoor Lighting

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Your yard, porch, trees and walkways all present opportunities for creating a spectacular Halloween display. Choose a few of our ideas below or try them all to create a spine tingling, awe inspiring spectacle that will be hauntingly fun for the entire neighborhood!

Outdoor Halloween Lights & Decorations
Outdoor Halloween Lights & Decorations

Eerie Electric Forest

Light Wrapped Trees for Halloween

Follow the steps below to create a spooky electric forest by wrapping trees with purple, green and orange LED string lights. To make your forest even spookier, attach large spiders to the trunks & hang light balls from the branches to create the look of floating orbs.

  1. Create a ball with the lights to make passing them around the trunk and in between branches easier. Skip this step by purchasing pre-balled light sets!
  2. Connect the male plug of your first light string with a power source at the base of the tree.
  3. Wrap up the base of the tree and around the branches connecting the female end of the last light string to the male end of each new light string as you go.
  4. Plug your light strings in and enjoy the ambiance!

How many lights will you need for wrapping trees?

There is no exact calculation to determine how many strings you'll need to achieve the desired effect when wrapping trees with lights. However there are some basic guidelines you can follow. 6" bulb spacing is popular for wrapping trunks and branches, with an average spacing of 2-3" between strings although you can leave more space if preferred. A basic equation for getting an estimate of light strings needed would be to divide the tree height by your desired string spacing, multiply total by circumference to calculate total string length needed. Example: we have a 5'H trunk that measures 2' in circumference, and we plan to wrap four of the sturdier branches, which measure 4'L and 6" in circumference.

5'H trunk / 3" spacing = 20 x 2' circumference = 40' of lighting

4'L branch / 3" spacing = 16 x 6" circumference = 8' of lighting per branch

Total lighted feet will be approximately 72' for the trunk and four branches

Halloween String Light Wrapped Trees - Orange & Purple Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas
Purple & Orange LED Light Strings Wrapped Around Trees

DIY Halloween Decorations - Starburst Lighted Branches

There is so much you can do with starburst lighted branches! They're flexible, shapeable, and full of creative potential. Just a few of the fun DIY ideas using lighted branches include bending them into tree shapes, creating gorgeous chandelier lights and brightening any space with a starburst floral arrangement. In the DIY tutorials below we'll show you how to make a set of spooky Halloween trees and a whimsical chandelier perfect for a costume party using starburst lights and just a few extra items!

Spooky DIY Halloween Trees

You'll need small 6 x 5 inch planters, floral foam cylinders, ribbon, and moss, stones or glass gems for this DIY lighted branch project. We used a 3pc green starburst lighted branch to make these fun DIY Halloween decorations.

  1. Hold the starburst stem in your hand and pull 4 of the lighted branches straight down around the stem. Wrap the stem and branches about halfway down with a dark colored ribbon
  2. Twist and bend the remaining branches to create the spooky branches of the tree, spreading them out a little as you go
  3. Fill the plastic planter with floral foam
  4. Stick the unwrapped portion of the straight branches into the floral foam until you reach the stem. The stem should not go into the floral foam.
  5. Cover the top of the foam with moss, glass gems or small stones
  6. Place your potted trees along a walkway or with other decorations as part of a larger Halloween display

Mystical DIY Chandelier Lights

For our chandelier shown below we chose to use a whimsical Midsummer Night's Dream theme. How you decorate your starburst chandelier light for Halloween will ultimately come down to personal preference. Choose darker flowers for a gothic theme or go with purple & green accents for a wicked witch inspired light, there really is no end to the creative options! You can keep things simple with just a few accents or fill every gap with silk flowers in your preferred color palette. Decorative picks, hanging spiders, webbing and ribbons can also be used to accent your chandelier. We recommend using floral wire or zip ties to secure your accent pieces if they don't already have a clip. This extra step will help ensure that no items fall out of your chandelier while it is hanging or in the event of a heavy wind. Follow the steps below to create an enchanting chandelier for parties, events and seasonal enjoyment!

  1. Form a flat disc with your starburst branches by pulling them up and away from the center stem in all directions. When you are finished your starburst should resemble a flying saucer and be able to lay flat against the ground with the stem pointing upward.
  2. If you're happy with the uniformity of your "disc" and there is a fairly even distribution of branches on all sides, hold the stem in one hand and take 4 to 6 of the center branches and pull them straight down toward the ground, then bend the ends of these branches upward in an arc about 2 inches from the light at the end of each to create a U shape. These branches should also be evenly spaced around the disc.
  3. Now that you have your center branches in place, continue pulling a few branches at a time downward. Rotate the disc as you do this so that you are evenly pulling down branches on each side. The middle branches from step two should point straight down and the others should be angled outward gradually toward the top where the remaining branches are still flat.
  4. By now your chandelier should look similar to the undecorated starburst chandelier image pictured below.
  5. From here attach the silk flower stems to the branches using either floral wire or zip ties. Just make sure not to attach them too tightly or you'll run the risk of pinching the wires inside. You can also bend more of the branch ends into a U shape to hang decorative items like ornaments or fake spiders from them. We recommend using full blooms like hydrangeas to fill the interior of the chandelier and saving your more delicate blooms or those with unusual designs for the outside of the chandelier where they will be highly visible.