Recycled Bird Houses

Songbird Birdhouse
Copper Songbird Hanging Bird House

Sale! Save 22%

Solid copper roof song bird house with hanging loop available in different finishes
Gray Wren in the Wind Bird House
Wren in the Wind Hanging Bird House
From $49.99

Sale! Save up to 26%

Stunning wren in the wind bird house will be a great addition to your bird paradise
White Bluebird Manor
Bluebird Manor House
From $67.99

Sale! Save up to 24%

Stone washed cypress bird house makes bluebirds happy nesters
old world copper songbird suite bird house
Old World Songbird Suite Bird House

Sale! Save 30%

Stately songbird suite bird house with copper roof
Rusty Rooster Birdhouse
Rusty Rooster Bird House

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This Redwood Rusty Rooster painted decorative bird house is not just for the farm
Octavian Birdhouse
Oct-Avian Bird House
From $229.99

Sale! Save up to 16%

Compartments allow plenty of room in this eight sided bird house
Butterfly House
Flutterbye Butterfly House
Dramatic copper roof and colorful paint adorns this beautiful butterfly house
Classic Chick Birdhouse
Classic Chick Bird House
The cypress construction allows for excellent ventilation in this Classic Chick Bird House
white copper top songbird suite bird house
White Copper Songbird Suite Bird House

Sale! Save 30%

Elegant white birdhouse with a copper roof is the prefect place for birds to live
Vintage Bird House
Vintage Wren Bird House

Sale! Save 25%

Deserving of a second glance, this vintage wren bird house will add distinction to your yard
Ivy House Birdhouse
Ivy Copper Top Bird House

Sale! Save 16%

Quality is not spared in this spectacular hand oiled mahogany bird house
Classic Chapel Birdhouse
Classic Chapel Bird House

Sale! Save 31%

Solid cypress classic chapel bird house will look great in your bird sanctuary
Cape Cod Wren Birdhouse
Cape Cod Wren Bird House
Very stylish little cape cod bird house perfect for wrens available in multiple colors
Heartwood Vintage Shed Birdhouse
Vintage Shed Bird House

Sale! Save 19%

Vintage shed birdhouse with a wonderful rustic look and natural wood
Vintage Gatehouse Rustic Wooden Bird House
Vintage Gatehouse Rustic Wooden Bird House

Sale! Save 21%

Cute gatehouse birdhouse brings vintage design to your yard
Chick Post Birdhouse
Chick Post-Tree Bird House

Sale! Save 26%

Appealing chick birdhouse will look good in any birding paradise with multiple colors
Garden Glory Birdhouse
Garden Glory Bird House
PVC Bird House with cypress shingles with a blue flower makes bluebirds happy nesters
Butterfly House
Mademoiselle Butterfly House
Solid cypress construction with hand shingled roof makes this butterfly house a must have
Heartwood Wrental Birdhouse
Wrental Bird House
Your wrens will be happy to keep coming back to this striking solid mahogany bird house
Wood Duck Joy Box House
Wood Duck Joy Box
With bare wood design, this duck nesting box will be useful season after season
Heartwood Western Bluebird Joy Box
Western Bluebird Joy Box
Easy to maintain bluebird house will have them singing with joy
Victorian Bat House
Victorian Bat House
Provide stylish shelter for your bats in this Victorian inspired bat house
Summer Home Prepack
Summer Bird House Pre Pack
Great starter pack of colorful painted decorative birdhouse fit for songbirds
white copper top rusty rooster birdhouse
White Copper Rusty Rooster Bird House
White birdhouse with a copper roof will attract many species of birds to your yard
redwood rusty rooster copper top birdhouse
Redwood Rusty Rooster Bird House
Birds will love to bunk in this red wooden bird house with a galvanized roof
Homestead Wooden Bird House with Copper Roof
Homestead Wooden Bird House with Copper Roof
Homestead birdhouse with visible wood grain and copper roof
Flicker Joy Box Birdhouse
Flicker Joy Box
The Flicker Joy nesting box also converts to a winter roosting home
Heartwood Country Wildwood Church Birdhouse
Country Wildwood Church
Detail abounds in this County Church bird house from cedar shingles to copper steeple