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Opticore LED Light Bulbs

Opticore® C7 & C9 LED Light Bulbs

Opticore® LED Light Bulbs combine the latest LED technology with a incredibly tough polycarbonate lens to create visually stunning, exceptionally durable C7 & C9 LED lights for Christmas, holiday, event, and landscape lighting use. With more saturated color, less hot spots, and greater durability than other LED bulbs on the market, Opticore&*reg; LED lights have gained popularity among commercial & residential holiday decorators alike. They'll withstand multiple seasons of use even in the harshest weather conditions and will continue to look great year after year. If you were looking for the best LED bulbs, you've found them!

Opticore LED Bulbs
Opticore LED Light Bulbs

Opticore LED Roof Lights

C9 Light Bulbs are popular along roof lines due to their larger size and greater overall presence in comparison with other light types when viewed from a distance. C7 bulbs are smaller, but also popular for the roof. Additionally, C7 light bulbs are the ideal size for use outlining driveways, pathways, and flower beds.

Opticore LED Christmas Lights

Opticore LED Bulbs: Exceptional Variety

Opticore LED light bulbs are available in a full spectrum of bright colors which leaves no limit to the creative possibilities you have when decorating for holiday or events. There are also two lens styles for you to choose from:


OptiCore faceted bulbs are designed with deep, diamond-shaped facets that produce brilliant light halos & vivid color.


OptiCore smooth opaque bulbs produce deeply saturated color from base to tip for the vintage classic holiday bulb look. If you love the look of traditional incandescent painted bulbs, but want to make the switch to energy efficient LEDs, this is the perfect bulb for you!

Opticore LED Light Bulbs
Opticore LED Light Bulbs