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Outdoor Star Lights for Christmas and Events

Universally Inspired

Outdoor Star Light Decorating Ideas

People have been gazing dreamily into the night sky for millennia now and for good reason - there's an unparalleled beauty in the stars & constellations that is simply unmatched. Sadly, it's not possible to completely recreate this awe-inspiring display of natural, universal beauty in your personal outdoor space. However, with the help of outdoor star lights it is possible to design your own magical little slice of the universe inspired by the skies above and completely worthy of a dreamy gaze!

  1. Create a breathtaking light canopy by hanging outdoor star light decorations in the ceiling of your covered deck, gazebo or other garden structure.
  2. Attach star lights to your fence; this is an easy way to add light to any area in the yard!
  3. Create a scene of splendor by mixing a variety of hanging outdoor star lights and light balls among tree branches. The lights will illuminate the leaves on the trees to create a beautiful ambient glow.
  4. Decorate with red, white and blue outdoor star lights to create a patriotic light display.
  5. Planning an outdoor birthday party or event? Decorating aurora star lights is a fun crafting idea for kids and adults alike! Have guests draw and paint designs (or even glue gems and sequins) onto a star and then hang them up for display until it's time to go home. As guests leave give them their stars to take home as a special party favor that they can display in their own homes!

Outdoor Star Light Designs


Folding Star Lights - Don't let limited storage space prevent you from creating your own personal constellations! This 2D star light design folds up to a fraction of its original size for easy storage, is lined with bright led lights, and available in sizes from 32" to a giant 10' star.

Moravian Stars - With a rich history that dates back to over 200 years ago, moravian stars are an easily recognizable and popular light. These dimensional stars feature multiple points coming out from their center to create an eye catching design that looks amazing hanging from tree branches or sitting on a table. Some moravian star lights have removable spires which can be mixed with other colors to create custom displays, others like the Aurora Star variety can fold completely flat for easy storage.

Fold Flat Aurora Superstars™ - Similar to paper lantern lights, aurora stars have a delicate beauty that is really eye catching. In addition to their aesthetically pleasing design, these stars can fold flat making storage incredibly easy! While all of these traits are admirable, the most exciting secret of the Aurora Star is its ability to become a unique piece of art created by you! The surface of the fold flat Aurora Superstar™ light can be drawn on using markers, pens or paint allowing for complete customization.

Metallic Polymesh Star Lights - A durable covering of metallic mesh in bright pops of color makes these outdoor star lights really stand out. During the day metallic polymesh stars glitter in the sunlight, then at night LED bulbs illuminate their interior creating a welcoming glow.

Neon Star Lights

Neon Star Lights - These bright star lights have the nostalgic style of a neon sign with a high tech upgrade! Neon star lights have an iron frame that is wrapped with a flexible, translucent silicone. Long lasting LEDs are embedded into the durable silicone covering to create a vivid, vintage style glow. But don't be fooled, with 17 animated functions built into the controller - this star light is not your old-school neon.

Standing Stars - A sturdy dimensional frame is wrapped with LED lights and then covered in a translucent weave of acrylic fibers to create this one of a kind star light that looks amazing standing alone in the garden or hanging from tree branches. Standing outdoor star lights are available in sizes from 24-78".

Rope Light Stars - This is one of the most widely recognized star decorations, often seen on rooftops, in windows or hanging from tree branches during the holiday season. As their name suggests, rope light stars have a sturdy frame construction that is wrapped with durable rope light. These outdoor star lights are available in incandescent and LED.

Star String Lights - String lights with star shaped designs are popular for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Star string lights are available in a variety of colors. Designs include glass, metal or acrylic stars as well as battery operated string lights. Battery operated star lights should be used in covered outdoor spaces like an enclosed porch or deck to ensure longevity.