20' LED Fairy Lights, Warm White, Silver Wire
Item: V58805

This item (V58805) is not currently available for purchase.

When was the last time you wrapped an outdoor tree in lights...in the Spring? With battery lights you can! Trick the kids into thinking there are fireflies in the trees! Wrap these white lights around branches and light the night with fun. These energy saving LEDs not only shine super bright - they extend battery life far beyond incandescent lights! With the price of batteries these days, your savings are reached before you even change your batteries out!

  • 60 battery operated lights on a silver wire.
  • Energy efficient LED technology reduces power draw by up to 90%, meaning you save money on batteries!
  • LED battery lights deliver superior illumination with an incredibly low power draw.
  • Built in timer helps save power and money by turning off automatically, prolonging battery life.
  • Revolutionary in size and brilliance! These tiny LED bulbs radiate intense light, making them ideal in crafts and even holiday greenery.
  • Spotlight your space with battery lights that deliver superior illumination without needing a plug.
  • Uses AA batteries, with an average 36 hours of battery life.

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