20" Gold Inflatable Christmas Ornament, Metallic Polymesh
By Red Sleigh®
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It's big, its colorful and it's fun! This giant-sized inflatable Christmas ornament makes a terrific, easy-to-install Christmas decoration that can go anywhere. The polymesh fabric is already attached to the inflatable ball inside. All you have to do is inflate the ball (an air compressor is recommended), zip the fabric closed, and your giant Christmas ornament is ready to display. Mix colors and sizes for even more fun. They can be hung up or just left on the floor. Deflates and packs away in a tiny amount of space. Combine gold with white or silver for other weddings, anniversaries or other special occasions, or with red, green, blue and white for Christmas holiday displays.

  • Large 20" commercial-grade decoration covered in flexible gold polymesh fabric makes a larger than life display
  • Metallic polymesh adds sparkle to holiday decor
  • Inflate to size (use of a quality 50-100 psi air compressor is strongly recommended), zip fabric closed around ornament, and decoration is ready for display
  • Deflates easily for convenient storage
  • Suitable for use in ground or hanging applications
  • Rated for indoor / covered outdoor use

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