SPT2 Polarized Male Zip Plug, Black

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No custom stringer is complete without a male zip plug. Be sure to maintain the right polarization when connecting the SPT2 male plug to the wire. Always connect the ribbed side of the wire to wider blade of the plug. If neither side of the wire is ribbed, connect the side with the white/silver conductor to the wider blade. 5 plugs per box allow you make many different stringers.

  • Also referred to as Vampire Plugs, Gilbert Plugs or Quick Connect Plugs
  • Designed for easy use with a sliding back cover
  • Create custom fit outdoor lighting for pergolas, arbors, decks and other structures
  • Use with SPT2 wire
  • 2 Prong polarized plug
  • Made with heavy duty plastic
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use

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