Novelty Cape Cod Bird House
By Home Bazaar®
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The Novelty Cape Cod Bird House is designed for use by a large variety of backyard birds including Wren, Swallow, Nuthatch, Downy Woodpecker, Finch. Decorative bird houses bring an aesthetic quality to any yard or landscape, and are fully functional and intended for outdoor use.

Resilient pine shingles top the roof.

  • Two separate cavities make up this Novelty Cape Cod birdhouse coated in non-toxic paint
  • Roof is topped with Pine Shingles that naturally age
  • Material: Pine Shingles
  • 1.25" Diameter Hole Opening
  • Species Include: Wren, Swallow, Nuthatch, Downy Woodpecker, Finch
  • Bird House Dimensions: 11"H x 10"W x 9"L
  • Mounts to post or sits on pedestal using a mounting bracket
  • Easy Cleaning from the Back
  • Includes: Decorative mounting bracket
  • This birdhouse is for outdoor use and will be subject to natural weathering and wear. Inspect it periodically and apply an animal-safe sealant to help preserve it if necessary.

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Reviewed by Victoria S.
on Sunday, September 01, 2019

Novelty Cape Cod Bird House

Charming bird house. The birdhouses arrived quickly and are installed. They are charming but do fall apart with the weather. I order them for replacements after a few years.