Sutton Shire Bird House

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Decorative touches throughout make this birdhouse a great addition to your backyard -- flower pots and boxes, a quaint little front porch, and an architectural turret. The flat "staging area" for your birds will provide you hours of bird-watching pleasure.

  • White trim with white picket railing around the sides
  • Material: Pine Shingles and Poly Resin
  • 1.25" Diameter Hole Opening
  • Species Include: Chickadee, Nuthatch, Titmouse, Finch, Titmice, Sparrow
  • Bird House Dimensions: 9" H x 10" W x 9" D
  • Includes mounting peg
  • Drainage Holes keep interior dry
  • Ventilation offers safety and comfort
  • Easy Cleaning from the Back
  • This birdhouse is for outdoor use and will be subject to natural weathering and wear. Inspect it periodically and apply an animal-safe sealant to help preserve it if necessary.

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Reviewed by Sally E.
on Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sutton Shire Bird House

A bird was building a nest in it within 48 hours of it being placed! Plus, it's ever so cute.