Viviluxe TM Gold Mini String Lights

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Light Count 50
Wire Color Green
Bulb Spacing - Inches 5.5 in


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Love the brightness of LEDs, but not ready to make the switch? Viviluxe lights boast the warmth and beauty unique to incandescent bulbs with 200 milliamp lights to ensure the greatest possible brightness, making them the best incandescent mini lights around. Wrap columns, railings and outdoor trees with gold Viviluxe mini lights to illuminate holiday displays, outdoor parties and events.

  • Brighter,200 Milliamp lights
  • Gold mini lights.
  • If one light goes out, the rest stay lit.
  • UL Listed Christmas lights, engineered for your safety.
  • Tighter wire twists reduces tangling, which means quicker installation and a more professional appearance.
  • Stackable plugs provide convenient installation, especially when wrapping trees and bushes.
  • Male and female plugs provide end-to-end connections to allow strings to plug together.
  • Rated for Indoor / Outdoor use.

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