Basic 24V High Output LED Tape Light Kit, RGB

Item: P14259

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20ft Kit Includes

  • 1 RGB LED Tape Light, 20ft, 24V
  • 2 Power Supplies, 24V, 72W
  • 2 RGB Power Feeds, 1ft each
  • 2 RGB Controllers
  • 1 RGB Interconnect Cable, 12 in

100ft Kit Includes

  • 1 RGB LED Tape Light, 100ft, 24V
  • 7 Power Supplies, 24V, 72W
  • 7 RGB Power Feeds, 1ft each
  • 7 RGB Controllers
  • 4 RGB Interconnect Cables, 12 in each
  • 1 RGB Inline Splice

Features & Specifications

  • Safe and Dimmable low voltage LED lighting
  • RGB lights capable of 16 preset colors, and 4 pre-programmed effects
  • Eighteen 5050 SMD LED Diodes per foot, creating 250 lumens of light
  • High quality double-layer copper PCB board for maximum conductivity
  • Cut locations every 4 inches for easy customization
  • 3M High-Bond Tape for convenient installation
  • Max life rating: 50,000 hours
  • Max length of 20ft with one power supply and power supply lead

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