Platform Bird Feeders

Bird feeder
Small Bluebird Feeder
Handcrafted bluebird feeder will have them flocking to the dinner table
Super Bird Feeder
Super Feeder
Super bird feeder is shaped like pavilion for birds with interchangable inserts on ends
Oriole Bird Feeder
Oriole Buffet Bird Feeder
Offer a bird feeder buffet to your orioles with fresh fruit and jelly cups that orioles love
Bird feeder
Hanging Screen Feeder
Screen birdfeeder protects food from spoiling and is easy for clean out
Bird feeder
12" x 12" Ground Feeder Wheelbarrow
Adorable design, this wheelbarrow tray bird feeder attracts birds to feed from the ground
Screen Bird Feeder
Large Screen Feeder
Table birdfeeder has metal screen and three feet of feeding room to attract
Bluebird Feeder
Bluebird Feeder
Increase your flock of bluebirds with this specially created birdfeeder
Bluebird and Chickadee Bird Feeder
Bluebird and Chickadee Bird Feeder
Attract bluebirds and chickadees with this specialty birdfeeder
Chalet on Stake Bird Feeders
Multi-Purpose Chalet on a Stake
Small feeding house on stake allows birds to comfortably feed with feeling of protection
Bird feeder
Super Tray with Clear Cover Bird Feeder
Tray bird feeder offers lots of feeding space and covered shelter for birds hoping to feed
Deck Tray Bird Feeder
Deck / Post Tray Bird Feeder
Bird feeder tray goes on your deck or any other post to attract birds to your yard
Crystal Clear Tray Bird Feeder
Crystal Clear feeder
Crystal clear birdfeeder that allows you to keep an eye on your feeding birds as they eat
Fly Thru Barn Bird Feeder
Fly Thru Barn Bird Feeder
Rustic bird feeder shaped like a barn encourages birds to stop and eat in your garden
Hanging Tray Bird Feeder
12" x 12" Hanging Tray Feeder
Birds love to perch, so encourage them to land with this hanging tray feeder
Bird Ground Tray
Recycled Ground Bird Feeder
Feed nature and go green with this perfectly recycled bird feeder for ground birds
Oriole Bird Feeder
Oriole Bird Feeder
Feed orioles with this specialized bird feeder meant specifically for their species