Wooden Bird Feeders

Bird feeder
Super Tray with Clear Cover Bird Feeder
Tray bird feeder offers lots of feeding space and covered shelter for birds hoping to feed
Tail Prop Suet Bird Feeder
Tail-Prop Suet Feeder
Set this tail prop feeder in your yard and watch as birds feed from the suet bird feeder
Chalet on Stake Bird Feeders
Multi-Purpose Chalet on a Stake
Small feeding house on stake allows birds to comfortably feed with feeling of protection
cedar window feeder
Cedar Window Bird House
This window bird house will allow you to watch the nestlings with clear plastic back
Barn Bird Feeder
Post Mount Barn Bird Feeder
Rustic barn shaped birdfeeder that mounts to post for any porch, deck, or yard
Coveside Window Suet Feeder
Suet Window Bird Feeder
Offer suet at your window with this birdfeeder to attract suet lovers
Window Bird Feeder
Window Bird Feeder 8
Small window birdfeeder allows you to watch as birds feed from the comfort of your home
Window Tray Bird Feeder
Window Tray Bird Feeder
Tray birdfeeder that situates in window allows you to watch birds feeding from indoors
Pavillion Bird Feeder
Pavillion Bird Feeder
Constructed of red cedar, this Pavilion Decorative bird feeder has enough seed for all
Oriole Bird Feeder
Oriole Buffet Bird Feeder
Offer a bird feeder buffet to your orioles with fresh fruit and jelly cups that orioles love
Crystal Clear Tray Bird Feeder
Crystal Clear feeder
Crystal clear birdfeeder that allows you to keep an eye on your feeding birds as they eat
Fly Thru Barn Bird Feeder
Fly Thru Barn Bird Feeder
Rustic bird feeder shaped like a barn encourages birds to stop and eat in your garden
Oriole Bird Feeder
Oriole Bird Feeder
Feed orioles with this specialized bird feeder meant specifically for their species
Super Bird Feeder
Super Feeder
Super bird feeder is shaped like pavilion for birds with interchangable inserts on ends
Bird feeder
12" x 12" Ground Feeder Wheelbarrow
Adorable design, this wheelbarrow tray bird feeder attracts birds to feed from the ground
Bluebird and Chickadee Bird Feeder
Bluebird and Chickadee Bird Feeder
Attract bluebirds and chickadees with this specialty birdfeeder