Yard Art Motifs

led patriotic flag motif
LED Rope Light Patriotic Flag

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LED Red, White, and Blue lights shine bright into the night with this lighted American flag decoration
Rope Light Patriotic Flag
Rope Light Patriotic Flag

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Proudly fly the American flag with this patriotic rope light motif, great for 4th of July and more.
Double Flamingo Motif Main Image
2' Lighted Pink Flamingo
Flamingo stride in your garden with rope light body for a great motif.
Alligator Lighted Motif
48" Alligator Rope Light Motif

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Really customize the outdoors or a game room with this fun green alligator rope light motif.
Rope Light Seahorse
Seahorse, Clear Lights

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Create a breachy theme in your garden with an amber seahorse
Rope Light Crab With Red Lights
Rope Light Crab Motif, Red Lights

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Red rope light crab makes for great garden decor near pools, in game rooms, and more.
Pink Flamingo Rope Light Lawn Decoration
37" Standing Flamingo

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Make a garden paradise with this pink rope light motif int he shape of a flamingo.
Blooming Cactus Lighted Motif
Blooming Cactus

Sale! Save 12%

Blooming cactus motif will shine brightly at your garden party this summer