Yard Art Motifs

Rope Light Flamingos
2' Lighted Pink Flamingo

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Flamingo stride in your garden with rope light body for a great motif.
Flag Rope Light
Rope Light Patriotic Flag

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Proudly fly the American flag with this patriotic rope light motif, great for 4th of July and more.
led patriotic flag motif
LED Rope Light Patriotic Flag

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LED Red, White, and Blue lights shine bright into the night with this lighted American flag decoration
Palm Tree Motif
Palm Tree, Hanging

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Rope light palm tree motif can be hung for a festive tropical wall decoration
Seahorse, Amber Lights

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Create a breachy theme in your garden with an amber seahorse
Alligator Rope Light Motif
48" Alligator Rope Light Motif

Sale! Save 16%

Really customize the outdoors or a game room with this fun green alligator rope light motif.