Creating a Bird Garden

Create a welcoming spot for birds with just a few simple additions to your yard! Developing an inviting backyard habitat for birds involves little more than an understanding of how birds use natural resources. Common backyard birds look for food, shelter, and water, so the more of each that is available, the more species of birds will be attracted to your yard!

Level: Easy

Time: 1-2 hours

Bird Houses Offer Shelter

Bushes provide shelter from predators, and bird houses offer seclusion and cover.

Climbing Flowers on Vinyl Arbors

Use trellises and arbors for climbing flowers to attract birds.

vinyl arbor

Reflect with Gazing Balls

Gazing balls offer peace and reflection for gardeners and birds, so place near a bird bath to attract attention.

Offer Food in Bird Feeders

Backyard birds need food year round. Keep feeders full to encourage repeat visits.

Make Time for Sundials

Place a sundial near bushes or ground level to tell time and highlight your landscape.

Pedestals and Posts

Hang bird houses with decorative hangers or mount on posts and pedestals. Brackets also mount bird houses.

The more nature you can provide to birds, the happier they will be. Offer water, and use ponds and streams to place your bird houses and feeders.

  • Bird baths are beneficial to birds and should be placed on the ground or 2-3' above ground
  • Allow old leaves to pile under bushes or near trees, giving birds another source for food through the insects that live there
  • Plant bushes to offer birds natural shelter from predators and items with which to make nests

With the rapid urbanization of America, many of the birds' natural habitats are being removed, and there are less resources available for survival. Many resources are available to help educate the public on bird feeding, and organizations such as are committed to learning more about birds and their lifestyle patterns. We also offer additional resources such as Attracting Birds to Your Feeder.

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