Garden Lights

Gorgeous Garden Lights

Enchant your garden with lights to create an entirely new and magical space for enjoyment at night! Garden lights are versatile, and often very easy to install. Not sure where to begin? Our garden lights ideas will inspire you to create something special in your outdoor spaces!


Garden Pathway Lights

There are several unique ways to line pathways with garden lights. Starburst light stakes look like sparklers and can be placed directly in the ground in seconds. Although traditionally seen hanging above outdoor spaces, when flipped upside down, globe patio lights become a unique pathway light perfect for year-round use in the garden. Additionally, you can hang all kinds of string lights and lit decor from shepherd's hooks to illuminate garden paths or create a border around outdoor seating areas.

Globe Light Garden Pathway Lights
Globe Light Garden Pathway Lights
Starburst Light Stakes for Garden Pathways
Starburst Light Stakes

Rope Light Landscape Lighting

Rope light is flexible tube lighting with bulbs encased in a PVC material. This option is more versatile and durable for outdoor landscape lighting than traditional solar powered stakes or standard up lighting. Rope light casts a wide glow across larger spaces and is perfect for lining garden pathways and flower beds. For use in the garden, we recommend white rope light; the clear tubing blends in with the surroundings when not in use to create a more natural look during the day.

Rope Light Illuminating a Garden Path
Rope Light Illuminating a Garden Path

Garden Fence Lights

If you'd love to add patio lights to your yard, but you don't want to install posts or climb trees to hang them, your garden fence can be a great alternative for displaying these lights! You can use nails to hang globe string lights from a fence, simply drape the strings between the posts, or hang them from planter hooks for quick and easy garden lights and outdoor landscape lighting.

Multicolor Globe Garden Fence Lights
Multicolor Globe Garden Fence Lights
White Garden Fence Lights
White Garden Fence Lights

Garden Lights for Trees

Wrapping trees with lights is one of the fastest ways to brighten a backyard garden. But trees are also a perfect backdrop for hanging decorations. Light balls, star lights, and starburst lighted branches can all be hung from tree branches to create a mesmerising light display suspended above your garden.

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Image #1: Bethlehem Style Aurora Superstar™
Image #2: Warm White LED String Lights
Image #3: Warm White LED Rope Light Stars

Flowering Trees Wrapped with String Lights
2. Flowering Trees Wrapped with String Lights
Rope Light Star Tree Decor
3. Rope Light Star Tree Decor

Fairy Lights & Flower Planters

Adding lights to flower planters is an unexpected and surprisingly beautiful way to illuminate a garden. Fairy lights usually have thin wires that hide well inside of foliage. You can find fairy lights in both battery operated and plug-in styles.

Battery operated fairy lights are convenient, but they're generally not meant to be used for long periods of time outside where rain and water can seep in and cause damage. If you want to use battery powered fairy lights for just an evening or two, try to keep the battery pack on the outside of the planter and consider placing it in a ziploc bag to protect it from moisture. If you want a more long term option for planter lights, look for outdoor rated plug-in fairy lights and LED mini light strings instead.

Fairy Lights in a Hanging Flower Basket
Fairy Lights in a Hanging Flower Basket

Garden Icicle Lights

Although most often thought of as a Christmas decoration, icicle lights can be used to create romantic, swoon-worthy settings in the garden. You can outline an entire backyard gazebo or arbor with icicle lights, or drape a set of these gorgeous light strands between two shepherds hooks for quick illumination anywhere in the garden.

Want to create something truly special? Hang shimmering SoftTwinkle™ icicle lights anywhere in the garden to mimic the magical display of fireflies pulsing on and off gently in the night!