C7 Commercial String Lights, Opaque Green Bulbs

Item: P11442

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It doesn't have to be Christmas to create a vintage light display. Our premium grade, weather resistant C7 opaque green light sets can be used conveniently throughout the year to create seasonal holiday light displays with ease. Wrap these emerald lights around trees, deck railings, and banisters to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Easter, or any occasion. Customize your lights by adding in another color of bulb, depending on the theme of the event.

  • Green C7 lights on green wire.
  • Bulbs last an average of 1,000 hours, making them a great choice for seasons.
  • Commercial grade 20 gauge wire allows you to connect more lights together.
  • If one light goes out, the rest stay lit.
  • UL Listed light strings, engineered for your safety.
  • Plug strings together using end-to-end male and female plugs.
  • Removable bulbs provide flexibility for easy replacement and customizable designs.
  • Opaque bulbs diffuse light with a frosted finish and a soft, serene glow.
  • Outdoor light strings are easy to quickly hang and go, resulting in more time to entertain and less time setting up.
  • Approved for Indoor / Outdoor use.

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