Victorian Bird Houses

Victorian Bird Houses
Danbury DoveCote Birdhouse Front
White Danbury DoveCote 6 Room Bird House

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Fully functional six room DoveCote is perfect for pigeons and doves with removable base for cleaning
Sag Harbor Birdhouse Front
Sag Harbor Bird House with Mansard Roof

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Elaborate detail make this historic replica birdhouse a perfect addition to any bird sanctuary
brooklyn townhouse birdhouse
Brooklyn Townhouse Hanging Bird House

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Birdhouse that is a replica of an elegant Brooklyn Row house
Heartwood Victorian Mansion Birdhouse
Victorian Mansion Bird House

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Simple elegance describes this Victorian Mansion decorative birdhouse with aged roof
Heartwood Copper Mansion
Copper Mansion Bird House
Copper Mansion decorative birdhouse has reverse board and batten vertical siding
Heartwood French Villa Birdhouse
French Villa Bird House
Pice de rsistance, this French Villa Decorative bird house will last a lifetime
Yellow Sea Cliff Cottage Bird House
Bexley Estate Cottage Bird House
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Stylish Victorian cottage bird house
Victorian Manor Birdhouse
Victorian Manor Bird House with Bracket
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Exquisite decorative birdhouse with Victorian gables, window balconies, and pine shingles
Blue Rungsted Cottage Birdhouse
Rungsted Cottage Birdhouse
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This beauty of a bird house is worth adding to your yard with porch and balcony design
Rapunzel White Birdhouse
Rapunzel Bird House
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Beautiful storybook decorative birdhouse will add charm to your backyard
Prairie Birdhouse
Prairie Bird House
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This Little House on the Prairie decorative birdhouse is a must have for fans of the show
Novelty Cape Cord Birdhouse
Novelty Cape Cod Bird House
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You will be stunned by the detail of this Novelty Cape Cod painted decorative bird house
Kingsgate Cottage Bird House - Main
Kingsgate Cottage Bird House
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Stylish decorative birdhouse will attract finches and wrens to your yard
Victorian Cottage Yellow Birdhouse
Victorian Cottage Bird House
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Back mounted Victorian Decorative Bird House with pine shingles and two story design
Verdigris Carousel Birdhouse
Carousel Bird House
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Beautifully crafted Victorian Carousel decorative birdhouse with multiple compartments