Deck Lighting Ideas with Brilliant Results!


Our deck lighting ideas will transform your space from overlooked to the life of the house, while adding charming illumination even during your quiet evenings. Too often decks and porches are neglected and lacking in use. Maybe you've added a table and some chairs, but your deck just isn't the lively outdoor gathering space you were hoping for. That's where we come in!

Level: Easy

Time: 1-2 hours

Curtain Lights Shimmer Across a Covered Deck

What we love about this first deck lights idea is how surprisingly simple the installation is while making such a significant impact over the appearance of your entire backyard.

To hang curtain lights across your deck you will need enough lights to cover the length of your opening, plus a ladder and a few extension cords. Adhesive clips do the job for short term installation like a party or summer dinner. However we have a feeling that once you see the stunning glow provided by curtain lights, you are going to want to keep yours up for a while! Nails and screw-in hooks are a fantastic choice for long term use.

Our curtain light sets are 6' in length and available in incandescent or cool white LED. When planning your deck lighting you will want to keep in mind the maximum number of sets connected as well as the best uses for each. We have provided a few guidelines below to help you select the best lights for your project!

Cool White LED Curtain Lights

Connect up to 29 Sets

6' wide x 29 sets = 174' lighted feet

Uses: weddings, winter lights, large event spaces

Incandescent Curtain Lights

Connect up to 3 Sets

6' wide x 3 sets = 18' lighted feet

Uses: ambient backyard, party and home lighting

Helpful Tips!

For hanging curtain lights on gutters, just reuse your icicle light clips from Christmas! Place one clip at each drop to provide ideal support.

After determining the ideal lighting and hanging option, you are ready to begin hanging your curtain lights! Start at the end closest to your power source and place your first screw or hook. Place a hook every 6" between each light drop to make sure the adhesive can support the weight of your lights. This also means that no measuring is necessary, yay! If you are using a more permanent installation method you could place the hook or clip every 2 drops instead.

End Result: An eye catching deck that is sure to become the center of every gathering and your favorite little hideaway! Snuggle up with your favorite book or invite friends over for a dinner party. Curtain lights catch the eye and offer a warm welcome to your guests!

Hang Icicle Lights for Lively Deck Railings

Icicle lights matched with curtain lights result in a breathtaking display, or if your deck isn't covered, just dressing up the railing will transform your entire space! You can hang lights across the deck or continue down a staircase as well - the amount of coverage is entirely up to you!

Icicle lights are available in a variety of colors and some even have twinkling effects which are a popular choice as wedding lights for their romantic, dancing glow. Just like the curtain lights, this deck lighting idea requires only two items! You can hang icicle lights with adhesive hooks or install screw in hooks for long term use. Place hooks between every two or three deck poles to hang your lights.

How Many Icicle Lights Can You Connect?

Incandescent Icicle Lights
Connect up to 3 Sets
9' x 3 sets = 27' lighted feet

LED Icicle Lights
Connect up to 43 Sets
7.5' x 43 sets = 322' lighted feet

Helpful Tips!

Icicle lights right out of the packaging will often hang in tight bunches, just gently pull the strands as you go to achieve a delicate hanging effect.

End Result: Deck lights that rival the beauty of even the brightest moon! Consider hanging icicle lights across a staircase to create a grand entrance for guests at your next a wedding, shower, cocktail party or intimate gathering. These elegant lights will set the tone for the evening and provide an eye catching first impression!

Mini Lights Create Inviting Glow

So, you have guests coming over later this afternoon and you need a fast idea for deck lighting? No problem! Grab a few strands of mini lights from your holiday storage bins and wrap outdoor railings, columns and more! Mini light strings are the last minute answer to spruce up any type of gathering and can enhance everything from baby showers to pool parties, birthdays and weddings.

If you have a little time to prepare and want to really spice up your deck, we offer a large selection of mini lights with different colors and light counts available. You can even match brown wire color to your deck finish for a professionally polished look.

Here are a few color ideas to get you started:

  • Warm white LED mini lights emit a warm glow and create cozy gathering spaces or ambient home lighting.

  • Cool white LED mini lights are bright and bold, a popular choice for weddings, winter decor and large outdoor events.

  • Wrap the deck in pink or blue mini lights for a baby shower!

  • Red, white and blue mini lights enable you to show your pride year round but especially during July Fourth and Memorial Day get togethers.

What a transformation! Now you have a bright, beautiful and inviting deck with time to spare before guests arrive! It really was that easy!

Outline your Deck in Rope Light

This is one of our favorite DIY ideas using rope light! If you are unfamiliar with this type of lighting, rope light is made of flexible PVC tubing with the light bulbs protected inside the tube. For this project, mounting clips hold the light tubes in place and hide underneath the deck railing to create an expert finish. These clips work well for long term use, plus if you want to be creative throughout the year you can easily switch out rope light colors during each season or for various parties and holidays!

How to Install Rope Light Under Deck Railings

Start by measuring the length of your deck railing to ensure you have enough rope light to complete your project. 150' light spools are available in a full spectrum of rich colors and work perfectly for outdoor lighting projects as they are weather resistant, allow plenty of length to be covered, and can be cut for complete customization. For projects covering a shorter distance, convenient pre-cut rope light kits are available in 12, 18, and 30 foot lengths.

To keep rope light in place, screw clips in to the underside of the deck railing. You can count every 3-4 rails or use a tape measure to mark every foot or so if preferred. After your clips are in place, just slide the rope light into the clips and you have a gorgeous, glowing deck!

Patio String Lights

Is it too much to claim patio string lights dazzle? Not at all! Take advantage of deck ceilings or pergolas and hang patio lights. You can choose to drape them, create patterns, or simply outline openings. Outdoor dining, entertaining, and even quiet nights enjoying the fresh air are all improved with a few of these bulbs hanging from above. Make your own blanket of stars with clear bulbs, or opt for multicolor lights when celebrating or throwing a graduation party!

Patio lights can help draw attention to focal points in your yard or on your deck. Hanging bulbs over dining areas is popular but don't stop there. Create a curtain of brilliance between your deck and your neighbor's house by hanging mini lights from rafters or beams. Your deck will look inviting, but offer a sense of privacy. You can also use mini lights to wrap posts and columns, and even outdoor trees and plants!

Regardless of which deck lighting idea you choose, we're certain that you'll love the impact just a few light strings can make to your entire yard! Enjoy every season with brilliant deck lights and create a welcoming space your guests will love to gather in.

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