Welcome to Yard Envy's Ultimate Patio Lighting Guide!

One of the best kept secrets for creating a memorable outdoor space is adding decorative string lights. These lights can improve the entire personality of your outdoor setting by providing an immediate sense of fun, relaxation and enjoying life. Patio string lights are a great addition, easy to setup and even easier to enjoy.

string of patio lights for less than 25 dollars

How Much Is All This Enjoyment Going to Cost Me?

A basic set of patio string lights can be as little as $25. However, the price could increase to several hundred dollars or more depending on how many lights you want and how elaborate you want to make your space.

3 Reasons Why You Should Read This Guide

  • 1. Better understand the best options...for you.
  • 2. Avoid common safety and design mistakes.
  • 3. Learn quick and easy professional techniques.