The Art of Creativity and the Science of Style

As you accent your outdoor space, certain types of lit decor can add the finishing effects needed to make a good space great. Nature is a living canvas so you can achieve a stylized look or a completely original masterpiece that makes your patio or outdoor space uniquely yours.

Whether it’s a festive, whimsical or enchanting look, you can create amazing scenes just by having the right accent lighting decor.

Charming Lit Decor

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Beautifying Your Trees with Moravian Stars

A good tree canopy is a great home for adding lit decor like Moravian Stars. The effect is like creating a little universe in your trees. Moravian Stars placed at different heights and depths not only look good lit up but they also look great during the day due to their coloration. If you want to make a stunning scene that people will remember, the magic of Moravian Stars can make a tree come to life unlike any other type of lit decor.

Designer Tip: Make sure to hang your stars at depths close to and far from the trunk so the pattern looks random. Avoid placing too many stars on the same branch and if you use multiple color stars also make sure the colors look random for the best look. Single color star trees and trees with a two-color pattern are also a very nice technique. For example, certain wedding and event planners will use white Moravian Stars to decorate trees and foliage for receptions. Red, white and blue Moravian Stars are popular for July 4th, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and other patriotic celebrations. Red, White, Green, Blue and Gold Moravian Stars are popular colors in various combinations for Christmas. Purple, amber and green Moravian stars are popular for Halloween.

Moravian Star


Make sure to hang your stars at different heights and depths!

Accent style adds presence

Accent Style

Adds Presence

LED Candle Lanterns - Beautiful and Easy to Use

Lanterns can add presence to your outdoor environment almost immediately because they carry a recognizable style. Modern, rustic, coastal, Victorian and vintage are just some of the styles that a candle lantern may help you achieve because accent decor can define your overall look.

But... you might naturally be concerned about "candle" being in the name. Fear not. LED candle lanterns are so unabashedly easy to maintain you’ll question ever using real candles again. With battery-operated LED candles inside your lantern, you get great warm light that lasts a long time. The fact that there is no flame means you can now also place your candle lanterns in many more areas that were previously off limits due to the fire hazard.

If you’re trying to match your candle lanterns to your home, patio or deck there are many finish options like brushed nickel, copper, patina, matte black iron and vintage wood. The combination of lantern designs and finishes makes for a great addition to any outdoor space. If you don’t have anywhere to hang one also consider that they make a great table centerpiece as well. Hanging may be implied, but they stand pretty well too!

Designer Tip: Placing your lanterns in a line provides a great way to highlight walking areas or focal points that you want people’s eyes drawn toward. If symmetry and balance are important to your style, consider flanking two lanterns at the sides of an entry/exit point. If eclectic patterns are more your style, consider three lanterns placed at different heights to create a vignetted scene.

Floral Lights

Details matter. The next time you think about wrapping lights around a tree, column or deck railing consider using floral lights. Lit petals subtly bring nature and lighting together in a way that gives friends and family that “aha” moment when they realize what they are witnessing. It’s no longer just a light in the distance but a beautiful glowing flower.

Designer Tip: For arbors, lattice and topiaries, floral string lights add a great designer edge because they blend in with the natural foliage during the day while making it come to life in the evening. Weaving floral lights in and throughout other vining plants or lattice work looks remarkable. If your patio or outdoor space needs some subtle lit decor details, floral string lights are a nice touch.

Glowing Flower Beautiful Glowing Flower


Glowing Flower