Enchanted Bushes, Hedges and Shrubs

You may think the life of a bush is pretty solitary. They don’t move much. They’re often not the center of attention. They may cry when you’re not looking. However, they come to life with net lights.

Notice we didn’t say string lights. There’s a reason net lights are so popular during Christmas and year round. They are dead simple to use but more importantly good net lights are designed with a natural diamond pattern. This pattern is unique because it gives whatever they are covering a little bit of order mixed with the randomness of natural foliage shadows, spacing and contours.

Pro Tip - Why didn’t I think of that?

Net lights may be one of the least known ways to make bushes come alive. And for those concerned about the intensity of a blanket of lights draping your bushes, consider this technique. Some event designers and professional decorators will place their net lights on a dimmer switch, which basically means “bring on the ambience.” While not all net lights are dimmable, this technique is an instant and subtle classic. Consider dimmable net lights to liven up your outdoor space.

Net Lights Cross Over

While intended for bushes, net lights can be turned sideways and also wrapped around tree trunks. They can be used along fence lines, stone walls, porch railings and other structures. They are versatile and because of that they are an excellent option for patios, gardens, gazebos, decks and outdoor events.

Dimmable nets

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Trunk Wrap Lights


Designer Look

Trunk Wrap Lights / Column Wrap Lights

Depending on your tree size or column size there are alternative light types to consider. Trunk wrap or column wrap lights are a top choice for decorators and DIY’ers because they are easy to use and the spacing between the lights is specifically designed to look good wrapped around column-like shapes.

You can certainly wrap a single strand of lights around a tree trunk but the effect is different and it may not have the same balance and symmetry that tree wrap lights provide. Similar to net lights, there is a great visual effect that is achieved by placing a patterned set of lights on a natural chaotic surface. The pattern of the lights and the randomness of the surface meet in the middle to achieve a unique designer look. There’s a reason professional decorators use these lights and they are great for any backyard or outdoor space. They can also be used on deck and porch posts, pergola columns and Greco-Roman columns.