It’s Time to Get Down...
Really Down

Pathway string lights are incredible. And they are not limited to just where people walk. They are also popular for landscape contours like flower and mulch beds, stone borders or defined foliage islands within your landscape. They are also easy to install!

Pathway string lights are incredible.

Another String Light Secret

Depending on the light bulb type and string type, you can actually use patio string lights as pathway string lights. This little tidbit is well known by event designers and professional decorators but it is less understood by the average DIY’er.

Here’s why: Not all string light combinations can pull this off because the best pathway stringers are typically the ones that candelabra or intermediate bulb bases can be used on. Larger patio bulbs may look fantastic up in the air, but they do not look as good close to the ground. Specially designed light stakes built to hold the candelabra (C7/E12) or intermediate (C9/E17) stringers make running your pathway lights a breeze. With the ability to shape your curves and lines with stakes, your landscape contours can look downright stunning.

Use light stakes to make your edges and shapes simply stunning!

It’s a Breeze

Use light stakes to make your edges and shapes simply stunning!

LED lights are cool to touch.
LED lights are cool to touch and virtually unbreakable making them the perfect choice around kids and animals!

Safety Tip and Smart Planning

If you have kids or animals near your pathway string lights, safety and bumping is a concern. If you use incandescent lights they can be easily shattered if they are glass and their filaments can come loose if they are banged into. They are also HOT!

LED to the rescue. LED bulbs are a top choice for pathway string lights because they are cool to the touch and are virtually unbreakable when they are made from durable acrylic. They can be touched, tripped over or run into by the family dog and they’ll be fine. If you want worry free pathway string lights, take a page from the pros and use acrylic LED bulbs. They look great and are very durable.