The Power of Symbolism

Outdoor patio space areas, pools, decks or gardens may need larger lit decor items that set a tone because of their size and presence. Various types of lit palm trees can accomplish just that. Plus, they’re fun!

The palm tree is a symbol of relaxation, parties and good times. Decor items that imbue that much symbolism are special and it’s one reason why lit palm trees are so popular for outdoor spaces.

Backyard Paradise

Let the conversation begin!

Realistic Lit Palm Trees

Good quality lit foliage not only looks real during the day, but when you to turn it on at night, you can’t help but smile. During the day an unsuspecting person may never know your lit palm tree is fake, but come nighttime...they’ll want one for their backyard too.

While realistic lit palm trees are not cheap, their impact is immediate and long lasting, which makes them a good investment.

Resort hotels often use lit foliage decor to set a tone. With a realistic lit palm tree you can achieve that resort hotel feeling in your own back yard.

Resort Vacation

Realistic lit palm trees set a resort tone, which makes an immediate impact!

Rope Light Party Palm Trees

Completely opposite the realistic lit palm tree is a party classic: the rope light palm tree. While it may look tacky to some, these palm trees are wildly popular because they are portable, they light well and they scream fun. Flanking outdoor seating areas, wet bars, pools or decks, the rope light palm tree can add whimsy to your outdoor setting. If that’s what you like, there’s no better lit decor item for it.

A Party Classic

If it could dance on a table, it would!

Lighted palm tree