If you've read this guide from beginning to end, thank you and congratulations! We have a secret tip for you that is too good not to share. We hinted at it earlier but consider this.

  • What if you like all the various ideas you just read?
  • What if you want patio string lights but you also want pathway string lights?
  • What if you want lights for Christmas and for Halloween?
  • What if you want lights that look good standing up or hanging down?
  • Is there a light bulb that can actually serve all these purposes?
  • The short answer: YES!

LED C9 bulbs can be used in all the scenarios described above without anyone batting an eyelash. While everyone loves classic patio globe lights, you may find yourself in a position where you need more than that. If budget, timing and versatility are priorities for you, the C9 is the perfect in-between bulb type.

LED C9 Bulb

Ultimate Versatility

Beautiful, stunnning and resourceful. The LED C9 bulb is a hidden gem.

Colored Patio Light Bulbs


Infused Color

Why don't more people know about this?

Simply never gets marketed this way and many people forget that light bulbs mean different things to different people at different times of the year. It also comes down to personal choice.

Even More Benefits

LED C9 bulbs made from durable acrylic are virtually unbreakable and the best kinds are made with infused color. This means their color doesn't fade, chip or crack because the bulb itself is infused with the color rather than being coated with it. These bulbs are truly remarkable and a designer/decorator secret. Do they cost more than the average bulb? Yes. But, an average bulb can't come close to doing what these bulbs can. If you want decorative lighting options year round that can be used with extreme versatility and great looks, the C9 LED bulb is a great choice.

If you made it to this point, thank you for reading and we hope this guide provided you with enough background to get you started the right way on your next outdoor patio lighting project. Good luck!